VOTU x @craig-grant SONG. " You & The Blockchain " Our Push to be Performers @ STEEMFEST 2 #1

in votu •  2 years ago

Here at VOTU HQ we are dedicated to bringing quality crap and today we deliver nothing short of it.
We are making a push to be performers at STEEMFEST 2, with that said here is our first song.

We Present to you: " You & The Blockchain Ft. @craig-grant ( The Samurai9M1x ) produced by VOTU ( Raw Edit )

@roelandp You should totally let us do a set thumbs up

Big ups to @craig-grant, you are an inspiration to the everyday steemian.

Looking to collab? So are we! Reach out to us via this post or discord.

@kevinwong, hope you like the tunes.
@steevc do you think we would make good performers at Steemfest 2?
@mindhunter keep vlogging bro!

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excellent :)


Thanks bows If you ever want to collab, we would be more than happy to work with you to produce a steemit original song. We like your flow Steem on!


New Bitcoin Rap Animated Video with shout out to @craig-grant

Love this bro, the mix sounds nice :)

Loads of cool musicians on here. @soundlegion is compiling an album featuring some of them that I will be on. I found guitarist @adamhole recently


That's really cool to hear of. Steeming collaborations =)


New bitcoin music video

I dig ittt!!!


New Bitcoin Animated music video


lmao thats awesome

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