VOTU Vlog #9 " What did the Gas Station clerk say to the nerd who tried to use crypto as a form of payment?" Answer inside todays vlog! You may have guessed it right!?

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That's right, we are back at it. Still on our "Everquest" to get normal everyday stores to accept crypto, we decided to try our hand again and see if we could get away with the not so norm....



she said go to the bitcoin atm next to the bathroom and cash your bitcoins out?
the one I been using been in a gastation so only reason Itaking that guess b4 I watch.

lol nice, wassup Skeptic! Hope you've been good. Thanks for peeping the video

been alive. lol
yeah I still check them out on my phones youtube.

thats super legit, I wish places around me accepted bitcoin

Yea fam, all over Atlanta, we have a few ATM's too. They promote it heavy within the city

Should have purchased a Steem powered vehicle instead bruh.

lol, i needed those muchiez tho bruhz

This Video gave me the munchies.

the bag man......winking

Hi! This idea looks great. I'm deaf so can't hear the vid. Maybe find a way to caption them or even a transcript would help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing commumity learn all about the crypto world. Just my 2 steemit cents!

Future videos will have captions! Thanks for pointing that out, I don't want anyone to miss out!

Smashing! I will keep my eye out for your next foray. So glad I mentioned it.

*Edited to include: ReSteemed!

I'm loving the video mainly because of how you speak hahaha

That bag crinkle. Rip headphones.

lol, it gets real in the field with no sound man..Or good equipment. kneels down before headphones They were a good pair..

They were the best pair

good vlog

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. nods

That was too funny hahahahaha

Before I saw the video and try to figure out the quesion.

Nerd: I am paying with Crypto
Clerk: What your address?

After I watch the video


Hahaha, I wish it went that ez.

Maybe one day :P

Someday it will happen and that will be a pretty cool day. :D

Buen post

Not sure if I really want to watch youtube videos on steemit, might as well go to youtube. Write some stuff and up your game on Steemit.

Its hard to make everyone understand the concept of Bitcoin/crypto... however waiting for Bitcoin regulation in India.
Days are not too far when we can get Xbox/PS, Cellphones, KFC Chicken, even a Car with exchange of Bitcoin...☻

very good content, well done :)

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