VOTU Podcast # 19 "The VOTU x Whaleshares $100.00 Post Contest." Find out how you can win up to $100.00 toward a single post! Tomorrow! YES! Tomorrow we will pick a winner LIVE during our Podcast.

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Yo Yo Pirates! VOTU here and we've got some exciting news! We are teaming up with @officialfuzzy and whaleshares to make you one rich steemian for a day! How you ask? Well..So the story goes...

beep......beep....Fax sent.....01001010000111101010101......


Your going to have to listen to this weeks podcast to find out!

Details here.

IF you took a gander then you know what you have to do to win, but theres a twist!


To win the $100.00 you must also be present during the podcast& Resteem! ( Yeah we just did that) So do what the Podcast Host told you and then show up to the Podcast and BAM! You are entered to win up to $100.00.

or who knows, WE MIGHT HAND OUT $10.00 to 10 people or $25.00 to 4 people or $1.00 to 100 people! Show up have a say and win some FREE $$.

You might be asking...How do we find the Podcast?

Download DISCORD

Accept this invite


Show up tomorrow @ 11 am Pacific Standard Time. 2 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Make sure you join the VOICES OF UNDERGROUND Voice Chat within the DISCORD server.

Upvote Resteem and Earn Steem!

Follow @votu

HANG OUT w1th U5

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ill be there


That made us giggle, you get an upvote.

Who won? ;)

I'm IN! ;) Is IT on saturday or sunday?

That's exciting. Good luck everyone

I'm a newbie so I hope I get it right to be there! Good luck everyone!

Hmm....heres the thing...I tried to register, but I use Linux...unfortunately I believe that software is only available for windows.


jacobts jAcΩb tweeted @ 01 Jul 2017 - 05:31 UTC

"The VOTU x Whaleshares $100.00 Post Contest."
#nomnomnom @VOTU_Studios @Steemit #chumchum #facebooknews

steemit.com/votu/@sirlunch… / https://t.co/7OedvV81XK

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Akrid here and I'll be there. Whaleshares are the wave of the future.

Great info and contest, Thanks! @jbcoin


Thanks for stopping by!

I'll keep it 100 with you, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I'm in.

I'll try very hard to be there but I like the fact that someone else is doing a podcast as well. Count me in for the pool.

VAG - love it! The vloggers association guild that is.


chuckles Update on VAAG today!

@epicdesigns :) "whale sha. sherrr... whaleshares..." lol

killer idea.

I thought I was going to miss the show its at 2pm my time !!! Just got in.

The VOTU podcast is about to kick off. Glad I made it!

Great video
followed , upvoted




Can you check out my blog ?


Did and done, upvoted and peeped ur last post. good stuff!


Thanks a lot