Hunter Scarborough

in voting •  10 months ago


Hunter Scarborough, entrepreneur and app enthusiast has developed Voter, an app that lets the new voter easily find out the candidate that matches them. Like a dating website for politics, this application finds the one that’s right for you.

The key aspect of the application is that it neutrally encourages alternative candidate’s, both the Green Party and the Libertarian Party are present on the platform. Based on popular policy questions, the application shows you a chart regarding what political ideology you fall under most.

Users can land anywhere between authoritarian to libertarian, green on the left and republican on the right, with moderate democrats in the center.

Instead of arbitrarily voting on a candidate because of their outward appearance, Voter shows you results based on their actual voting record when they have one. It ensures you find the candidate that can most truly represent your views based on the answers you provide it.

Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party want you to believe that you only have two choices. Voter App allows you to find out if your policy ideas match up with a libertarians or greens that are on the ballot too.

Hunter Scarborough’s Voter App helps spread the word about alternative candidates, together, we seek to awaken the public to their more broad choices beyond what the mainstream media offers.

The application does offer state candidate choices to some extent and the future development will include more and more local election results.

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