Your Out-going Vote Weight History - Excluding Self

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It's been a while since I've bored you all with some charts, a little inspiration from @crokkon today, and the fact that i need to pay arcange soon for the monthly subscription to @steemsql. I use it most days so cannot complain, but 40 SBD a month is 204 STEEM right now - ouch!

That's my chart above, and is for the lifetime of my account, up-votes only, and without self-votes. I figure I might get a couple more punters if I don't include the selfies.

I'm pretty happy with the 67% going out to people outside of the top 20 votes, 2/3rds of stake seems reasonable.

Out of the 20, most are at least dolphin status but seeing as the majority have been active for a years now, that is to be expected isn't it?

Another stat, I've met 7 of those names (and no, none are my alt accounts).

A prize for the person with the prettiest chart, which today is highest % of votes outside of their top 20 voted for.




Very interesting brother. And i really like the fact it's for the life of the account. I'll gladly pay 20 steem for my chart and help you pay up mr. arcange.
Also if your into any programming and want to make a 1000 steem for a little work let me know. I hope all is well for you brother. Oh, and i think spending quality time with some friends is a great way to spend the holidays,regardless of where it's at. But if your a person who enjoys drinks, a pub is an awesome place. I love you brother and I'm sorry I've not hit you up here much lately. I bought a homestead and started homeschooling my son and I'm in the middle of building a real world use for our awesome chain. So i haven't had much time for digging in my feed and leaving many comments. Anyway, i need to go but i hope the rest of your week is great!

Hi John

It's been a little while, I hope the homestead is going well, and homeschooling sounds like a full on task!

Please there is no need to send me STEEM, the rewards (if still here at 7 days) will be a good start.

Looks good to me! Enjoy the holidays :)

I'm glad to see you so high on my list as you do truly deserve the support. The homesteading is going well and homeschooling is actually a lot easier then i anticipated.(a welcome surprise.) And we both know it's too late not to send your steem.🤣🤣 I will make some(maybe most) of it back posting about your pie so no worries there.
I'm also pretty happy to see that i vote outside my top peeps with 55 percent. I wasn't sure how high it would be. Good to know I'm doing okay supporting others as I now look to consider myself more invested in the community.
One more thing...can I get this pie again...but with my self votes included...I'm just sooo curious. I did a lot of self voting the first few months to grow my account as fast as possible. Can't help but wonder what that percentage is.😬😬
If not, it's okay and thanks so much my friend. Have a good one and enjoy your week.

Thank you for the donation towards SteemSQL John, that is very kind of you!

You bet friend.😀 It's the least i can do!

Looks perfect... same like the #newsteem...
When we will be just like less then 100 on this platform don't wonder why... and most important don't wonder why our stack will worth less then two digits...
#newsteem is the reason i stop posting... same people voting the same people!
For me #newsteem is the #greedsteem, and your voting distribution tells the story...
Circle j... voting 100%
Should i say more?!?😲
PS: This comes from a person who never power down and never took a single steem out of his amazing wallet...

You could say more. And while you do I need to work on my circle-jerking game. Something like this should do it.

As for your chart:

We are closely matched - vote4vote?

It might be a !DERANGED thing to take part in, but it's hard to resist when someone offers me pie...


Did someone say pie?

The blogging queen @jaynie, she will be happy :D

Wow, @juliank - it's been a long time since I've seen that name! Thanks so much for this yummy 3.14159! 😊

Sure thing :D

What a lovely pie. Wait, where are the whale votes?

Yeah I’m not sure 🤔 clearly all these rumors about me are true.. and hell that doesn’t even include my curation through running @c-squared ... 😱 What is this madness?!?

Oh! Can I get a c-squared pie? I’ll give you a donut or something ... pie for donut?

You do seem to take a fair amount of stick :(

Have another pie for your troubles.

@c-cubed broke my presentation, less than 1% to the most voted author, bravo!

If you haven't closed the pie stand down I am curious to see @c-squared pie chart (you ran @c-cubed). I couldn't justify a steemsql sub anymore and we at c2 cut our last dependencies on it and no longer have a sub either, so I can't ran charts anymore

You do seem to take a fair amount of stick :(

I’m kind of an asshole, you know this.. so most is fair 😄 just some are pretty far fetched. Meh 🤷‍♀️

Thanks for the pie! That’s a pretty one, I’ll have to share it with the boys.


Dont be friends with each other! You are clearly both a$%holes! I mean, anyone can see this!

Pie for you both. Nice pie.

Hahahahaha hahaha


I consider it a love/hate friendship, but imo we are doing slightly better of late! :D

I’m part of your pie! No way! :)

Yo yo i see my name, thanks Asher!

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And you are one of the 'lucky' 7 too :D

Would you like a pie?

Thanks Asher! It makes sense ^^

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Just different phases of circle jerking ^^

I never really quite understand what is wrong with it to be honest. Love your friends and spread it around to a few other people. Isn't that the way the world works question mark or maybe I don't get the Circle Jerks I never really have haha.

Hey mate, hope you're well. Any chance I can get me one of those? 😉

Feeling like billy no mates a bit at present but at least I have you guys, right?

I guess I'd throw my brother the odd vote if he was here :)

This must be all-time? I used to vote his every post and you know how may a day he does so...Yeah, a lot! I only vote on one a day of his now unless I particularly like one the many subsequent posts he does. :)

It's a pretty chart though I think. :)

Cheers mate, much appreciated. Let's see how it looks in 12 months.

EDIT: He's responsible for me being here and I'm grateful hence the reason I voted him so much. Now...Meh. :)

It is all time. And fair play, he is the most consistent and prolific writer here and many of us have him sitting at the top of our vote piles - he's just trying to make up for your looks with a STEEM pot to envy :D

Haha, yeah - He's not a bad sort. Annoying little brother, but tolerable. 🤣

I have one too. He is taller than me and so I don't call him annoying any more :)

And sadly you feel the need to explain. It looks fine, and of course you vote him. After all it is your stake, your family, and he's a good writer.

Please show me how bad of a circle jerker I am 🙈

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haha, I shall!

What a disappointing lack of jerk going on there!


Ahhh pretty! And proof you’re one of my favs inserthugemoji

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Thanks! You must be 21 in my list? :D :D

If not you’ll quickly be removed from my pie! :’)

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Less than 10 posts in the past 30 days - my excuse for not having you further up!

hi @abh12345 i am wondering how did you make the pie? i thought i had made or seen the circle before but now I cannot find the tool? 🤷

Steemworld can give you the past week but this is a custom one, I have a subscription to SteemSQL.

I’ll hopefully have time to give you a pie later this evening 😁

thank you! I would greatly appreciate, I wonder what my circle looks like if I need to broaden the votes a bit more!🙏

Ouch that is a fair amount of Steem. We need prices to go up a bit!

Lifetime that is going be a lot of data. It will be interesting to see if any names are no longer active.

We really do!

Barry who? :)

Ah that guy use to post 10 times a day. We had some fun times on his weekend posts.

Quite a few of those names I've not seen in a while or post rarely these days.

Yeah I remember Barry, I wonder where he is now?

I'm up for some pie if you're still game.

I am game :)

Looks like a nice pie to me!

Very tasty m'dear. Thank you kindly.

My pleasure :)

I'd be interested to see how I stack up please Asher

Sure thing :)

Thanks for that. More than a couple of accounts there that haven't been around for a while, and 50% outside the Top 20 is a good sign too :)

Considering some of the Pies (not here) I've seen of late, 50% going out to people outside your top 20 is huge :)

Well Asher, I suspect you not only excluded in your chart the self-votes. But also your more regrettable shameful votes too. Since I couldn't even find my username within that big 67% greyish area in your hall of fame pie. And I have the hunch it was on purpose. };)

Yeah mate! now pie me up. If anything, just to contrast my upvote history against that of everyone else here who is sane. Hahahaha

Cheers!! :)

It is there somewhere I promise! :)

A nice slice of grey, and oof, I'm in the 20 :D :D

A nice slice of grey

Haha yes. percentagely slightly smaller than yours. But weirder, as it was expected. };)

and oof, I'm in the 20 :D :D

Yup, and pretty quickly you'll be up there elbow by elbow with our mutual friend Taraz as soon you crown that great job you are after and then start posting the happy news 10 times a day surpassing his unbeatable prolific post count. LoL


This week is a free week for me and so the post count could well be a mighty 1 a day - this wont be the case when work begins though!

I'm positive that when work begins, you'll have many good and joyous reasons to bring down to Taraz of his pedestal. Hahahaha

I might be a circle jerker 😂😂😂

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Surely not? :D

Naa, all good!

I'll take a pie!

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Then pie you shall receive :)

Ms West, a good egg she is, cheers!

Interesting! A few names on the top twenty list are people I haven't upvoted in many months. I must have used to go wild on them. Comments upvoting used to be very big for me.

Bring back comment voting!

Someone asked for a more recent 90 day chart and it did look completely different.

The current system disincentivizes it. ... If you know me, you know how much I abhor hf 21. I'm happy with all of it except the curve, but the curve more than wipes out any positive effects of the rest of it for the majority of the actual humans who use Steem.

Yeah I think we have seen enough to conclude that is the case.

Glad we agree!

Could you make a pie for mmmmkkkk311?

I believe it is an alt that is essentially just self-voting with > 50% of its power. But I don't know if this is true for sure.

Me please 🦒🐤🐥

What a super lovely pie!

Yay! It is nice to have your pie appreciated. Feel a bit sad to see some of the people that I had some close connections with disappear. I wonder what this pie would look like say for the last 3 months. I like that big chunk of Grey which shows that I have spread my vote around a little. I do try xx

Yes others have been nostalgic too :(

I wonder what this pie would look like say for the last 3 months.

Like this!

Are you still serving pie, Asher?

As an aside, I was on a cruise for a month and the Italian Cruise Line's internet blocked me out of steemit, so I need to play catch up tomorrow with the League! Sorry!

Yes I am, and no internet - that must have felt like prison, or freedom! :)

One pie for you, and thank you for the EL sponsorship - we have missed your contribution to the overall score I think as numbers are down :(

Thank you so much! One of these people hasn't been here in over year. I have only been here 2 1/2 is that possible?

Looks like I need to up my voting! But, I am soo poor! ;)

Yes! Prison AND Freedom. Hated to miss it, but, life needs to be lived. Kidding. We are all diehards.

One of these people hasn't been here in over year. I have only been here 2 1/2 is that possible?

When you start most of your votes will be 100% - no choice/reason not to be :)

Prison AND Freedom

Fair! :D

True. Then I ran into the problem of being at 30% trying to give to those that deserved it... Oh, I need a circle to jerk. ;)

!BEER for while you’re at work.

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Cheers, can I have some toast too?

Sure thing! And all other beer snacks I have available. Bon Apetit :P

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Graciasss :D

deranged You just received DERANGED @abh12345 Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

how/where do we produce this pie?

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According to transisto, it is available on Steemworld. I can't find it though, and steemreports limits you to a month and with yourself included.

I collect the data from SteemSQL and do a little jiggery-pokery in excel for each.


i found it on steemworld :-)

Nice :) But it only covers 7 days?

i agree, not perfect :-) The disabled dropdown box is there though, we need to find the secret unlock feature, i summon steemworld master @exile

EDIT: @exyle HELP

with a 'y'? :D

Pie me up good sir :)

Certainly sir :)

Outside of c-cubed, the most impressive pie thus far, bravo!

w00t :) Kinda what I suspected it would look like but good to see visual confirmation of how awesome I am :joy: LOL thanks for the pie sir

Would like one of those, Nice colorful graph.


Quite a different bunch of names to what I've seen thus far, cheers :)

I'll take a chart if you are still doing them. I think I know how it will look, but not sure.

Everyone gets a pie, unless I forget in a few days time :)

As expected? Some old names on that one.

I am surprised my wife does not have a bigger slice, but she does not post every day. The older names were the writers I first found on steemit that I enjoyed reading, The reading choices were a big reason for me joining steemit, my wife told me about some of the writers and that there were a lot on steemit, and yes when I joined there really were, and a lot of good ones, (well ones I liked to read). 6 of the 7 Authors are not very active on steemit any longer, and I do not get out and read on steemit very often any longer either. A couple I do like and will support to keep them on steemit in the event I ever get that reading bug again.

I am surprised to see friendsofgondor on the list, they only post once a week, and while I vote for them every week it is only the one post. Newest member on my list is happyme, and that pie slice might grow, daily vote because I like playing/participating in their text game.

Thank you for the list, 33% of votes going to top twenty I think is not to bad, It was fun seeing some of those names again, and I do miss the story post.

I wasn't aware your wife is here, or have clumsily forgotten, what's the account?

FOG gets a vote, and most weeks a small donation from me too, but the 1 post is unlikely to get them into my top 20. I know happy me and support via the game-related alts when I can.

Cheers :)

@shasta, she is the one that got me back into social media, well as social as steemit allows. She had been on steemit for a month or so and let me know about all the stories available, and the pictures, and different kind of content with out a ton of trolls.

I'd like to see my chart too please.

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Sure thing :)

Thanks for the request!

this is so cool, nice of you to show everyone their pies, i wonder what mine looks like too?

I think you are doing pretty damn well here! Over 10000 different accounts voted for too :D

😄😄😄 right on, thank you so much! I sent you a little something for your time in putting this together for me I know you are a busy man so thank you again! im surprised by some of the accounts? a few of those ppl haven't been active in months! 🙏

Wow, thanks! That ls very kind and will go towards the costs of the subscription to the data.

I suspect a chart covering a more recent timeframe would look very different but nice to see the complete history too. Cheers!

I am low key stalking people's charts for interesting reads.

Also crossover to see who reads what I also read.

Do mine?!?

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Will do :)

Outstanding pie sir!

I showed a lot of loyalty to @thesteemengine, aside from that I am stoked to see @paintingangels got a lot of my votes. Also stoked that I voted up @geke

Posted using Partiko Android

Supporting and promoting engagement is a noble effort, cheers :)

Whenever you are ready :)

fk off me first :)

!ENGAGE is long term busted, but this is a clear candidate for a hat-full :D

I realized. But then, it is the thought that counts.

deranged You just received DERANGED @tarazkp Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at


Feeling yellow-mellow :)

At least most of them aren't dead :D

Yep, just stick around and in time.... :)

mine pretty please

Sure thing Lego man :)

Never heard of any of them :P

I love pies. Pretty curious how mine will look.

Here's some !SHADE 5 for you, just to bring back those summer feelings

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Ahhh, summer, I miss you!

What an awesome pie!! :D :D :D

Thanks, @abh12345

Ouch, it is showing proof of the time that I voted blindly only to get curation rewards. I did not expect that :0)
But overall, pretty happy with it .

How's that different than Steemworld's outgoing vote pie chart? Beside only you being able to generate them?

Where is the vote weight history pie on steemworld? That would be useful!

Not many with a higher distribution to others :)

Steemworld outgoing votes is very different, less details, only short time period (last 7days) and no ability to filter or customize whatsoever.

Your downvote kind of sucks here tbh.. clearly people enjoy seeing these statistics (over 100 comments) and he makes each one ... kind of a meh downvote choice imo

Thanks for the clarification.

Top commented post of the day by more than 50 - people love the pies!

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Pie me Asher... PIE MEEEEEEEE 😀

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Will do!

Fantastical pie!

Wow, I'm happy with that! Thanks for pulling it out!

Now following a few curation trails and have noticed my Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is up on steemworld too so that grey pie section could be growing bigger still.

Pay day was yesterday also and this dolphin got his jet pack boosters on to Dolphin Mark II 😀 🐬

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah my CSI rating is helped by c-cubed which tops the pies so far :)

I have been mini-boosting the SP of late too - might pass 30k today :O

Yea I had a quick glance at some of the other pies here but c-squared seems to have it hands down at the moment! Curie would be pretty cool to see actually!

Ooo fingers crossed for 30k! What's that? Dolphin Mark III?!

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I think it is 'just over half way to Orca' :)


Ah, has a ring to it haha! How about "Horca"?

Wow, curie's pie 🙀

Posted using Partiko Android

Been really curious how my pie looks like. If you dont mind.. 😁

Not at all :)

thanks buddy! :)

cool to see that @surfermarly is still in there, she is missed :-P

I know have met at least 5 of those people as well which is kinda cool but if you get to go to one steemfest you will encounter a lot of people. Still bummed I missed this years party

Yeah me too - next year again with any luck :)

lets go check that out :D

Hey, @abh12345.

Still slinging pie?

I prefer pumpkin this time of year, but I guess you're wanting something with gray on 2/3s of it and multl-colored the rest. :)

I guess we'll see how much the last five months affect my pie colors, if you don't mind passing me some.

As it is, though, I'm not sure if I'm actually onboard with the spreading the vote thing anymore. I've understood it in principle (get outside your usual circle of votes), but I've had at least four so-called circles disappear over the course of nearly two years because people either left or seriously curtailed production.

So, by necessity, I've ended up following dozens of different people, and the times I spent trying to get STEEM in the curie curation contest, I felt like I was largely wasting my time, reading things I had very little interest in because someone decided it was "quality" content.

By and large, I would say the posts were quality. I just wasn't into whatever it was they were talking about.

And if I wondered off on my own even into tags or subject matter I thought I wanted to read, it's been hit and miss (maybe more miss than hit).

So, anyway, more commentary than needed on a post where you ask for a piechart—and certainly none of this is directed to you or anyone in particular—just me working off some frustration with all sorts of things this morning, probably. :)

Of course :)

... I've had at least four so-called circles disappear over the course of nearly two years because people either left or seriously curtailed production.

That is a sad observation, and perhaps communities could be something for you. I don't really know how it will all work, but I'm under the impression you will be able to find your area's of interest quicker, with the most interesting stuff further up the list. We shall see.

Have a good day at work, middle of the week and downhill to the weekend soon enough :)

Looks like the piechart agreed with my assessment.

Of those 20, only you, janton, galenkp, jlsplatts, bashadow, foodfightfriday and mariannewest are posting regularly. The rest are either gone, mostly gone or posting maybe once or twice a week.

And it's not like I've been super faithful of late voting on their content, either.

I'm hoping communities will do all of that and more—from the initial looks of things, it will. I wish it had been here for at least a year. Some of these folks might still be around. I guess there's the chance they will come back, but I don't think holding my breath is a wise thing when it comes to that. :)

re: work

I think that's a good part of what I'm feeling today. Over 20 hours over the last two days with the prospects of another 10 hour day looming, but still not manage to get to 40 hours with the two days remaining.

So, I've not posted anything since Friday, because I've just been too tired and not had anything so worth saying to fight through the fried brainwaves. :)

Not a particularly long list of regular posters, but if retention was 25% across the board things would look decent.

We’ll have to see about the Communities. I’m not overly convinced much will change but hopeful they make a positive impact and we see some old friends more frequently.

My job starts Monday and I’m pretty sure my brain will be fried and the post count will fall. That’s fine, I will just buy my way there, wherever there is.


Hmmm. Is it wrong to fear such a thing? I'm an OG, I have dark things buried in there. Perhaps not for me!! :0D

I have checked anyway and you have nothing to fear... oh wait, some ginger bird baking cakes... :O

A ginger bird baking cakes?! I am at a loss!! Oh go on, fire it up!! :D

Fired up like a redhead in the sunshine :D

It's quite a nice big grey Pacman!

I'd like to see my chart! !Tip

Looks good to me :)

You've voted for over 5300 different accounts, nice!

That is a lot of lot of vote clicks! Thanks so much!

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Any leftover pies available by chance? @abh12345 All these pretty charts piqued my curiousity!

Anything for a Cybermum :D

Looks good to me!

That was quick!
A very colorful spectrum of colors considering I wasn't on Steemit for almost a year! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Thanks so much! @abh12345 !tip

My pleasure, thank you!

You're welcome!
I'm going to nickname you "The Stats Man"!📊🧮📉
Have a good weekend! @abh12345


These are great, thanks!

Picked them out just for you, The Stats Man!!!

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If your still doing them I'll take a slice of pie.

I'm curious as to what the chart will look like because admittedly I don't search for new content to upvote as much as I once did.

No worries :)

Well it's a life-time pie so the good work put in at any point is going so show up.

Commendable :)

Thanks for the pie, I'm happy to see the majority of the names on my most voted for list are still around in some capacity or another. I bet my self vote would take up decent percentage as I have always self voted my topics.

Congratulations @abh12345!
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I like pie too😘

Good man!

If only some of these dporn chicks were here before you, could have had @buttcoins and made a fortune - too slow ladies, there can only be one :D

Your pies are always fun....;p
Can I have one please?

Aww thanks :)

Lovely pie!

That's not too bad
Thank you Asher :D