Bids start at 0.1 Steem for upvotes from votemypost 💯✅

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Bids are just 0.1 Steem Minimum, and right now you could get a $0.15 upvote. Plus delegate to @votemypost and earn a share of the daily bids taken by the service.

@votemypost is new released upvote service on steem. @votemypost upvotes when it reaches 100% VP and it accepts SBD or STEEM currencies. With your bids, you can support your posts to appear in the hot and trending pages. @votemypost has automatic refund system. In this way it instantly refunds invalid bids. All you have to do is send steem or sbd to @votemypost with your post link in the memo. Your upvote percentage will be based on the amount of steem you send compared to others in the vote round. Please note SBD payments take longer to process so your upvote will take much longer to appear.



When @votemypost reaches %100 voting power, it will vote your posts using rating system according to total offers.
For example: If X person bids 10 SBD and Y person 5 SBD, the total bid pool will be 15 SBD. In this case, X person will receive 66% of the vote and Y person will receive 33%.


Minimum Bid: 0.1 SBD/STEEM
Accepted currencies: SBD/STEEM
Minimum Post Age: 10 minutes
Maximum Post Age: 2 Days
Allows Comments: No
Refunds: Yes
Batch Voting Time: 2 Hours 40 Min

Delegating Your Steem Power

You can also support @votemypost by delegating your SP (Steem Power). @votemypost will transfer the earnings to you every day. The amount transferred will be proportional to the steem power you have contributed. The commission will be 15%.


If you are looking to earn a passive no hassle return on your Steem
Power, delegate your SP to @votemypost by clicking on one of the ready to
delegate links:
Another Amount

You will earn 85% of the voting bot's earnings based on your delegated SP's prorated share of the bot's SP each day! You can also undelegate at anytime.

We are paying 85% profit for (Steem Power) delegate users. Payments are made on a daily basis.



As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Sorry, you need more marlians in order to use this service.

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coffeea Lucky you @votemypost here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

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