Vote Lottery #6, Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Daily lottery #6. Up vote this post, resteem it, an you will have the chance to win one of the 3 prizes we award for each vote lottery.

The winners of this lottery will be announced Saturday, November 25, 2017.

How is it working?

Each day at 12 PM (EST) - 7 PM (EET), I will start a new vote lottery. During the next 7 days (until the payment for the lottery post is completed) you can enter our contest, simply by doing this two mandatory actions:

  1. Up vote the post.
  2. Resteem the post on your profile.

Why are these two actions mandatory?

  1. The up vote is mandatory because the winners will be extracted from the list of accounts who voted the post. So if you are not on that list, you can't win.
  2. The resteem is mandatory because this way more people will see the posts and more votes = bigger prizes.

The Prizes

The prizes pool will consist in the full amount of SBD received for the lottery post.

First prize will be awarded with 50% of the money.
Second prize will be awarded with 33.33% of the money.
Third prize will be awarded with 16.67% of the money.

When can you see the winners?

The winners for this lottery will be extracted Saturday, November 25, 2017.
Follow me and participate in each daily lottery I organize.

Good luck!

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