Proof of Brain, Steem Drain. Make it Rain! 0.5 SP UP FOR GRABS! NOTHING FANCY; VOTE = CHANCE TO WIN #149

in votegame •  4 months ago

This is very simple; a reoccurring post that will distribute my upvote from my Steam Basic Income into the reward pool. I want everyone who UPVOTES the post, regardless of their SP, to get equal chance of being selected as the winner.

Today's winner from ...Make it Rain... #61 received 0.1 SBD just for Upvoting. I'm Subsidizing payouts until changeover to SP payout.

The approximate payouts on this series of posts has exceeded ~10 SBD!!!

So what’s up for grabs????

All of the SBD will be giving to one lucky person who has +upvoted the post. SBI shares may be handed out at my discresion.

Example: A recent post payed out 0.17 SBD and 0.06 Steem. The SBD goes to ONE lucky winner (0.17 SBD payout). The 0.06 SP goes to me as my reward. If you want to pay closer attention to the payouts please follow me or check out my weekly account update Blog. My plan is to post my earning in a transparent way so that people can see how an account can progress. I am still but a minnow myself and looking to grow.

I am also using this to gauge the involvement of my followers. To start I will be running the post twice a week. I will not be paying for votes at first. This will help to work as a baseline to examine the difference in between the payout of a article that has paid upvotes and another that does not.

I have rewarded my following Steemates with shares in Steem Basic Income; you could be next. Please Follow; UPVOTE to qualify.
@egobiafra <----- Winner of the first Steem drain

For those interested in Steem Basic Income - Follow the Link

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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