How are you liking the new voting club?

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Have you signed up and used the service?

If not we would love to hear why you decided not to yet.

If you have signed up we would love to hear your feedback on the entire process and how you like it?

Have you received many new upvotes?

If you do not know which service I am talking about here is the landing page that explains everything:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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So you pay for upvotes? How is this different than a vote bot?


There is no paying

I do not use it. I do not like vote bots, I think curation should be done manually.

The only voting bot I use is @minnowschool which is an exchange vote service that only spends your voting power when it is full.

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today i just start using other exchange site. i would like to know about it and please share link also.

thank you

@banjo @automation


For a cleverbot, you don't spark much insightful conversation.


Why would you say that about Sam?

I briefely read about the service and im currently using Smartsteem to sell my votes, I still don't understand if it is a superior service to waht im currently using

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I just heard about the service about 2 days ago. I'm still unsure of if to participate or not.

I'm also checking out other services. You never can be too cautious

voting club?
I must confess that I did not know that this club existed, but I will review to see what it is about, in these times of change it is good to be aware of all the options.
Thanks for informing.


Exactly my situation!! :D

Voting club? I really did not know it existed. How can I know more about it?


Have you signed up and used the service?


I have not signed up and used its service.

Have you received many new upvotes?

Yes and No.

When i bought vote , i got it otherwise no..


U cant buy votes with this service

I haven't used it yet but it's very interesting. I use @steem-bounty so will certainly be looking further into the voting services as well.

I haven't joined because I had no idea what it was, to be real I think I´ve heard about it before the HF, but I din´t had much time to look into it. Which I´m doing right now, and the concept looks interesting, I'm probably joining soon.

I think this concept is very similar to what @smartsteem offers, which I use almost since I´ve created an account (avoiding wasting Voting Power). It is always good to see some competition, maybe they will pay more!