authors i vote for, added voting script

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Currently i started using a script to auto-vote some authors.
the script is running now for non-profit and not gaining curating reward, it auto-votes right after the posting, and is not waiting long enough for curating reward to kick in (~20 minutes) - i might change it in the future.

i added a rule to avoid draining my voting powers.
maximum votes within 24H window is currently 2 votes of 100% per author.
if it will not be enough i might change the rules some more, i might change it to first vote within 24H window - 100% vote, second vote within 24H window only 50%.
this will allow fair distribution of my voting power between all the authors i support. some authors are posting more than the others...

please try to avoid silly posts and deleted posts, this script runs without pre-vote moderation

currently i support: @simba @webdeals @inber @pcste @treasurebeach @skypilot @lloyddavis @andrianna @nv21089 @animal-shelter @cryptosludge @techslut @steemchiller @saarinout @natichi @opheliafu @fofi @kingscrown @kingsmind @allmonitors

i might add more in the future (if will be possible)

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אתה תורם אמיתי

Thank you very much @steempty :)

Can I also ask for some support Sir/Ma'am? I really wanted to grow and become a whale to help others too, if you can check my wallet, all I do is power up. Thank you very much.

w00t! You're alive! :O

P.S. Thank you. :)

Thanks for the support man!

That sounds really great and I do really wish that you increase the no of person in that list :)

I like your idea of giving towards the community and it is really great :)

I think you did the right thing.
As an honest man.

Nice to see you back on here :)

Thank you! I'm glad to see myself on the list! I am very pleased! you are so good to me!
(once again many thanks)


Many thanks for the support) I think you can grow an interesting artist from me. ❤❤❤🙏🌹😊

Thanks 👍
The community is growing!

Thank you very much for the constant support. All the best 😊

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Congratulations guys!
More power to you @steempty.
Keep shining everyone.

Thank you very much! Your help allows us to make our work more efficient.

Thank you very much for your support @steempty.

Your Small cooperation will be a big aversion for us please @steempty

I can't thank you enough. You're the best

Thnx alot dear brother ,

Thank you brother 😎 Live long and prosper 🤠

I really need support from supporters for some writers, honestly I really appreciate the person who wrote, and congratulations to you who was selected as a user who get uovote from steempty. this is amazing, and best for @steempty. How does one join to get votes from you @steempty, is this possible. I propose myself to it, maybe you can see my post.

Thanks for being such a supportive Steemian, I'm happy for the authors you are supporting, they seem to bring content of great quality. I love travelling too, it's nice to see some nice posts from them.

Good rules! friends @steempty , indeed to avoid the depletion of voting power! it's very important, and it's a great idea ​friends.

Exelente post y buenas sugerencias amigo que tenga un feliz día.

wuao @steempty I admire all this that you do I congratulate you
I invite you to take a walk through my blog, I ask you a little help thanks
happy weekend

thanks @steempty your votes are appreciated :-)
your support has helped me so much on this platform, its enabled me to stay on steemit and give some rewards back to others.
Thank you @steempty

I would like to offer you some of my photographs.
If you send me your postal address via dm on steem chat i would be happy to send you 10 of my photos of your choice, printed on high quality photographic paper, so you can frame yourself.

If you dont want to dm me your address, then i would be happy to send you high res files that you can get printed yourself.

Also @steempty, feel free to download any of my photos off steemit to your desktop for home printing

Hello @steempty
I don't know what it takes to be on your support list but Please do visit my blog too and if my posts interests you then I will be very grateful for your support in the future..
Otherwise thanks for the good work of supporting fellow steemians and stay blessed

Thanks my dear for your support! :) As you know I will never abuse of your help!

How can I be one of your list sir @steempty? I think I'm almost dying in steemit :/

Millions of thank you to you, my dear friend! Your support allows me to go on with my education, and it's a treasure for me! THANK YOU!

I always hear about these, but haven't a clue how a script runs and autovotes, but I like the people you have chosen to vote for, so good on ya :)

@stempty how much minimum bid?

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hi hope you consider me ;)

Hi sir I am an artist what is the way so you can add me to your upvote list?

Thank you in advance.

My congratulations to all the Steemians, who deserve the attention of @steempty. I can understand you very well, and this is what many Steemians need, a bid of support, so that they will be get a inspiration to create and work hard. It is a platform with future and I know that many people who started with me left after being for few months because like they said after spending hours of preparation a post with good content you end up without much attention.

In my opinion, all the beginnings are hard, like my hubby likes to repeat to earn the first million is the hardest. Therefore if you are not stubborn you will not reach much in this competitive life.

Good luck @steempty, was nice to see you kind gesture :)

can you add me to your list :)

I think there is a problem , with the auto script.
In the last 24hours .

My steemit guru ;-)

god bless you

such a kindhearted person i saw here on steemit,your vision on curating and giving rewards to those creative content on this platform are such an blessings to the people you are supported..

Thumbs up to your kindness @steempty