Vote Exchange Club scales new heights with 8,404 upvotes in a week

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This is our latest report for the week of 14th July 2019 to 20th July 2019. We will update this report once a week and let you know the latest in the world of Steem Vote Exchange Club.

Key stats to know
Vote Club witnessed a rise in the overall number of votes and articles that were upvoted when compared with the stats of the previous week. A total of 8404 upvotes were made on as many as 591 posts on Steem.

What is the vote club?
A service that creates a simple handshake between all its members. Simply said every member upvotes each others post with equal value. That way it is fair to all and creates votes from your Steem Power.

There is no risk and we hope you try it for yourself some time.

Top 10 users by vote value
As you must be aware, Vote Exchange Club helps you get extra upvotes, in return of your upvotes. Hence, extra upvotes means more money. We list down below the top 10 users who earned and benefited from the Club.

User # Votes Given $ Votes Given # Votes Received $ Votes Received
@chungsu1 182 21.902 182 22.244
@knircky 176 20.417 176 20.749
@profquax 217 16.241 216 16.239
@uwelang 186 8.948 185 8.857
@stayoutoftherz 199 6.628 199 6.655
@rynow 159 6.542 160 6.641
@nineteensixteen 167 6.613 166 6.602
@cezary-io 292 5.513 292 5.47
@city-of-dresden 178 3.834 178 3.808
@j-car 39 2.874 39 2.906
Top 10 users by vote count
Though you might have been a top user by vote value, you might not be a top one by vote count. So, we list below the top 10 users who received the maximum number of upvotes.

User # Votes Given $ Votes Given # Votes Received $ Votes Received
@cezary-io 292 5.513 292 5.47
@steem-bounty 283 2.702 269 2.567
@pius.pius 215 0.659 217 0.645
@profquax 217 16.241 216 16.239
@isdev 214 1.927 214 1.886
@stayoutoftherz 199 6.628 199 6.655
@uwelang 186 8.948 185 8.857
@chungsu1 182 21.902 182 22.244
@doggodfroglog 181 0.176 182 0.168
@yuriitonkov 178 0.261 180 0.252
About Steem Vote Exchange Club
Steem Vote Exchange Club is the single answer to all your upvoting and curating worries which automates and maximizes your returns in the best possible manner. Steem Vote Exchange club not only gives you a chance to earn curation rewards but at the same time gets you upvoting as well.
For all those interested, we recommend you to head over to the Club official page- and sign up for the service.

Steem Bounty
Steem Forever
Vote Exchange Club
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