Vote Exchange Club's Weekly Report is Out! A whopping 7314 Upvotes made last week

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This is our latest report for the week 19th May - 25th May 2019. We will update this report once a week and let you know the latest in the world of Steem Vote Exchange Club.

Key stats to know

Vote Club witnessed a rise in overall number of votes and articles that were upvoted, when compared with the stats of previous week. A total of 7314 upvotes were made on as many as 652 posts on Steem.

What is the Vote Club?

A service that creates a simple handshake between all its members. Simply said every member upvotes each others post with equal value. That way it is fair to all and creates votes from your Steem Power.

There is no risk and we hope you try it for yourself some time.

Top 10 users by vote value

As you must be aware, Vote Exchange Club helps you get extra upvotes, in return of your upvotes. Hence, extra upvotes means more money. We list down below the top 10 users who earned and benefited from the Club.

User# Votes Given$ Votes Given# Votes Received$ Votes Received

Top 10 users by vote count

Though you might have been a top user by vote value, you might not be a top one by vote count. So, we list below the top 10 users who received the maximum number of upvotes.

User# Votes Given$ Votes Given# Votes Received$ Votes Received

About Steem Vote Exchange Club

Steem Vote Exchange Club is the single answer to all your upvoting and curating worries which automates and maximizes your returns in the best possible manner. Steem Vote Exchange club not only gives you a chance to earn curation rewards, but at the same time gets you upvoting as well.
For all those interested, we recommend you to head over to the Club official page- and sign up for the service.


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Incredible work ..!!

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What is the Vote Club?
A service that creates a simple handshake between all its members. Simply said every member upvotes each others post with equal value. That way it is fair to all and creates votes from your Steem Power. A circle jerk club that defeats the point of creating valuable content entirely.

I am happy for people to do as they please at this point, and I understand why measures like this have started to seem necessary for some. But, let us not use language to disguise a turd as a tulip.

Let's for a moment consider that this initiative is successful and grows exponentially. What incentive will people within the group, whose posts are guaranteed upvotes, have to put effort into their posts? How much of it will be cat memes taken straight from the net? Furthermore, blindly offering your upvote, which ought to be considered your seal of approval, to posts you have not even looked at, could easily lead to you promoting something that you thoroughly disagree with. This is a very bad idea, and I would advise anyone who is considering participating to think again about what you'll be participating in.

I think you completely mis-understand the purpose of the service.

I have built this out of my own need. I have SP in my account. I want to use it to upvote users and I do. But the smartest thing for me to do would be delegate all my SP to a bot and profit from it.

With the service we have built I can still use my SP the way I want to to reward users and content I like, but if I am not active some of SP up to a limit I define will be also used to exchanges votes and make me some passive income.

This allows me to write my post and use my SP to boost it up. It allso allows me to get some payback for my investment and let me use it at the same time. The voteclub works for me, incentivises to create post and allows me to use my SteemPower still. This in my opinion is much better than delegating it away and not using steem all together. If you don't like that then don't use the system.

I do not believe I've misunderstood at all. Though, perhaps what I am wrong about, is that I was under the impression that the creator of the service was aware this was an automated circle-jerk voting system, and was using language to disguise it as something else. It now seems that, if you are the creator, it is not others you are manipulating with language - but yourself.

I don't intend to use the service. And as I said, I wont try and demand anyone else doesn't. I just appreciate honesty, and have witnessed the manipulation of language be used to lead people to make choices they otherwise would not far too many times. So, I wanted to say my piece for whomever was willing enough, and honest enough with themselves to hear it.

I have no qualms with you, and I wish you the very best of weekends.

Edit: Perhaps now I do have somewhat of an issue with you for censoring my opinion which your potential users ought to be privy to.

It was nice to meet you too. Maybe there are some other services we are building that you will like better in the future. Have you checked out steem-bounty? That should be more up your ally. I am just trying to build services that I think create value.

And you are right the flag was not needed. I have removed it.

Thank you for removing the flag. That is very big of you to admit, and a most unexpected, and very pleasant surprise.

I am somewhat familiar with steem-bounty program. I actually entered the design contest with these entries on my original account some time ago.

Thank you for reminding me of them, as I feel they might still have some use. I don't have any problems with the bounty program as far as I have observed. I too think it brings value and offers minnows a chance to earn where in other situations they may not have been able to. I do fear that before long the bounties may become like, "leave me a comment on this post saying how cool I am" etc. But, again, even if I disagree with that, it's not my place to judge - only to leave my opinion and hope that people hear it.

Thanks again for the level of maturity you have conducted yourself with in this correspondence. I could have been less arsey in my original message, so I apologise for that.

Steem Vote Exchange Club is undoubtedly one of the best upvoting service out there. No need to send any Steem/SBD to an upvoting bot or service. Just signup with them, set the threshold and you are all set for the show.
Have been using since quite a while now and will continue using. Getting an average of around $0.125 upvotes per day through this, and all this automatically.

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This post has received a 75.37 % upvote from @boomerang.

Done. I´d just sign up!

thanks! let us know what you think!

Sure!, I'll try it at least a week to see how it's going

How to become a member?

We need a system where we can be divided to groups with 3k Sp for example (10 people), 1k (20 people group) etc. and make 1 huge group with million small ones. It can be huge!

The vote club matches you with as many users as possible. Example if someone is 10x smaller than you they will upvote you with 100% and you with 10%. That way it is fair.

Please let me know what you think of it.

Nice to read that)

Amr o mone

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