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RE: 7007 upvotes shared on 587 posts - See how you can Benefit with Vote Exchange Club

in #vote-club5 years ago

This sounds like an amazing service and I would love to try it out. Quick question tho, is there a require minimum sp to have to participate? Coz of most those guys sp is way out of my league. lol


No minimum SP required as such. But yes, you will be benefited if you have at least $0.001 worth vote value. This is because that is the minimum value of upvote one can perform on Steem and counts.

Yeah hat's wat I give on a good day, I'm gonna try it out. Thanks for the info

You won't get lots of votes in $ terms but you will get at least many votes (of low value). Its gonna be more fun when u have a few SP under your account

I figured, we can get to them together then.

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