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My First Guest

My Buddy BRich slept over last night because we had baseball early the next morning. We drank into the wee hours talking about ways to create more freedom for ourselves. He slept pretty well on my dinette which is a little cramped. Sammie definitely enjoyed the company. I found new ways to adjust my dinette seats to make it more comfortable to watch and work on my TV.

Power & Water

Nothing seems to work in this van yet accept car battery. I am currently on shore power. I installed solar on the roof, two 100 watt panels. I have two 6v batteries in the trunk of my car. My solar charger will be delivered on Monday. As far as water, I think I might have a leak but I’m not sure. I will have to inspect thoroughly when I have time. For now I have a 3 gallon jug I brought back from Mexico that I fill up with city water.

Survile Society

There is growing pressure on social media for me to move Sammie out of the van. If they have actually seen how she is doing and how happy she is, they wouldn’t think of her being anywhere else other than a van. Her life is far more full seeing new things and meeting people than stuck in a human box (house) looking at the same three houses and barking at the occasional passing dog. I worry about these serfs and their conditioning. They get more bold and violent by the year.

Mental Health

Most of the time I am very happy in the van. I haven’t experienced any cabin fever. My driving habits remain calm. I am motivated to work when my body allows. I am nice to most people. I did blow up at someone for advocating Sammie being taken away because of the current living condition. Maybe an overreaction but I felt very violated and scared because they work for an organization that takes abused pets and I have seen what they can do when they lobby the government. Most of the attacks on social media are disappointing but not angering. In all vandwelling is happiness for me. (I want to note, this may not be for everyone. Be careful before moving into a van. Don't throw or give away everything until you are sure.)

Hope to post this blog nightly. See you tomorrow!

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I'm thinking about van life, I will probably put all my stuff in a storage unit though.


I have realized I need far less clothing than I thought. I use Salvation Army in middle class areas to pick up new clothing when needed. I do remember when I was heavier it was hard to find clothes. I have lost 60 lbs and it seems there are lots of good clothes in the Medium to Large range.

On a side note, if you need pillows, house or other kitchenware, resale stores are a very good place to save money. I've only bought a strainer full retail at this point. My plugin frying pan and serving spoons came from resale for under $4.