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I have lived the stationary vanlife for over a month. I have stayed very well maintained in that time primarily due to Planet Fitness. I have a small microfiber towel, and a old school hygiene bag with shampoo, liquid soap, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste. Remember when using public showers always bring your sandals. Planet Fitness looks pretty clean but you never know what is on the floors of a public bathroom.

Added note: I noticed the patrons didn't like me brushing my teeth in the sinks so I do it in the shower where no one can see me.


Because the toilet in my van isn't working, I primarily use the gas station across the street but I do like going down to the laundromat half a block away for more privacy. If you dwell in the same place all the time it is best to make sure you do business with the places that you do your business in. I buy coffee from the gas station every morning and make sure I buy an occasional snack because they see me so often to use their restroom. All the employees are friendly and seem to have no problem with my lifestyle.

The Search


If you haven't heard my engine isn't worth fixing so I decided to replace the entire drivetrain for a more modern one. I met a nice lady from Facebook Market place. She had 99k on her van and something about the van didn't seem right. I couldn't see any radiator fluid and felt that the heads could be bad. She wouldn't budge on her price of $1,500 so I thought it was best not to buy that van. There is another van 4 hours away with a 5.2 in it and has a bad wheel bearing for $1000. I might drive down and fix the wheel bearing and drive it back because it only has 83k on the motor/trans. We will see if it is still available after Midwest Liberty Fest.

Something I Wanted to Share

My friend Ken has been researching Vonuism and I noticed this post on his timeline. I don't know if his research inspired this post but it made me think Vonu when I read it.

"If you stand up to police violently you will be taken down violently. The ends are defined by the means. So if you wish to end police corruption and violence by acting violently you are only acting violently. Believe me I understand the frustration and anger in the hatred in the resentment. But that's not helping anything. These individuals are victims of a system that tells them that what they are doing is okay. You have to strike at the root. You have to end the collectivism you have to stop associating individuals with the actions and mannerisms of other individuals just because they are in some arbitrary group. I am a human I am not responsible for the actions of other humans. I did not create the atom bomb I did not create mustard gas I did not bomb the World Trade towers on 9/11 I did not indefinitely detain individuals during the war on terror I did not kill Freddie gray I did not kill Kelly Thomas I did not throw a flashbang grenade into the crib of baby Bon fan. Collectivism is the true enemy we cannot move past any argument until we ended that concept."

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