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Why I Targeted a Used Class B Campervan?


Many people want to avoid maintenance problems on the road so they target and buy a new campervan. It seems almost anyone can get a loan for these things. The problem is the modern Class B campers cost about $100k to start and if the motor goes bad it is crazy expensive to fix and there is a good chance you will still owe on the loan when the warranty runs out. This definitely feels like a path to servitude. It seems the costs will create more debt over time.


People could always build one but they rarely have the same function as a manufactured Class B van and if you buy a new cargo van you will still have a loan and large insurance payment to carry full coverage. The advantages are people can custom build the van to suit all their needs and avoid heavy maintenance costs for a few years.


One of my favorite ideas is to buy a use van and put resale furniture in it. It is cheap and somewhat functional but not always cozy. There are many sacrifices that have to be made. Sleeping, kitchen & living space is always a bonus in being comfortable in a van but rarely everything will fit. So something always gets left out or not designed well. Even if someone custom builds a used van it always seems to be lacking in comfort.

1981 Xplorer 228 b.jpg

Buying a used Class B has its challenges. Many times people want $3000 to $20k for their vans. If you look in the lower price range almost all the vans are no longer road worthy but the upside you get to buy all new parts with lifetime warranties so if it ever breaks again while on the road all parts get replaced for free and some of the labor is covered. So if you wind up putting $10k into an older van it will still hold its value going forward to resale at a future date.


Used Class B’s are designed to be functional and comfortable and the exteriors are very sturdy. A lot of the time the interiors need upgrading because not everything is built to last or is out of date. That is the perfect opportunity to add value to the LV (Live-in-Vehicle). This is your home and putting personal touches on it is everything. Sometimes we make sacrifices to be ourselves but if you aren’t running around in something that looks creepy rarely do the Normies call the Bludgies. In my experience most bludgies don’t mind if you live in your van as long as the vehicle you are in looks nice and they don’t think any drugs or alcohol has been used. Nothing triggers bludgies like driving under the influence. So try to avoid that if you would like. I think stealth is a myth. Normies are more likely to call on a cargo van that someone is sleeping in than a nice campervan parked on the street for one night.


So why Class B? It is what best suits my needs and desires for comfort of living. Everyone is going to be different and will want something else. There is no right or wrong answer in what you want. Don’t dwell on the possible failure or the negativity, just get out there and live free.


Today the valves were inspected. We decided to have them refurbished because some of the valve guides have play in them. I have no idea what to do if this doesn’t fix the wobble. The 6v batteries are now in the closet and I need to get a fan to blow to the exterior.

Feeling the Stress

My trip the New Hampshire to Forkfest is coming soon and my van is still not running right. Hopefully all will go well or I’m going to have to take the minivan. After that I will be headed to Midwest Liberty Fest. Many people I am looking forward to meeting there and I hope to meet Scott Horton for the 1st time. We worked together at a radio station for a year together and I have never met him in person.

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Hi Jason,
Great idea to get a "Vandwelling".
I have been considering getting a MH to bring to Aca.
Then hopefully get a bunch of people and go down the Coast of South America.
Can't wait to get back to you like minded people.
Be safe brother!