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RE: Who Will Pipe Food to the Fridges?

in #voluntaryism5 years ago

"But the real point is just to show that private competing companies have done a pretty good job and no one grocery store or farm has become a monopoly"

10 corporations control the world's food supply. Wouldn't it be great if there were no government to keep them from merging?


I flagged the post because of the plagiarism, but upvoted this because of truth.

Thanks! :)

With respect: Please tell me where there is plagiarism in this post? I wrote this, original. If you found something copied, I'm betting they copied me. Please give me a chance to defend myself.

If the clearsay url linked by cheetah belongs to you, you should get in touch with @anyx to get whitelisted.

You can find him on #steemitabuse-classic on the rocketchat.

I own ClearSay[dot]net. Please unflag as plagiarism. I'll try other ways to contact you, as well.