First in history korean volleyball gets naturalized player... Hong Kong-born male volleyball player Alex Chan Chi-Wai has passed the second filter in acquiring Korean nationality.

in #volleyball4 years ago

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Its such a delightful day as Hong Kong-born male volleyball player Alex Chan Chi-Wai has successfully pass the second filter or stage in acquiring Korean nationality.
Alex Chan 26-year-old middle blocker of Incheon Korean Air Jumbos was recommended for obtaining Korean citizenship by the country’s volleyball association. His naturalization now needs to be approved by the Justice Department. In the current Korean law, there is a paragraph that says a foreign athlete can be naturalized if he/she has excellent ability in certain fields such as science, economy, culture and sports and is recognized as being able to contribute to national interest with his/her special talents. In the past few years, four basketball players changed their sports nationalities in accordance with this section of the law.

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