Phaeton W12 Oil Leak Fix

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In this video I'm fixing the oil leak on my 2004 W12 Phaeton. I discovered how bad the leak was after a mechanic wrecked the car after I took it to him for some basic maintenance. Needless to say I'm fixing it myself now. Anyway, here's the first chronicle of this saga. Many more videos to come!

I've read in the VW Phaeton Facebook forum that other W12 engine owners have oil leaks and are unsure where they're coming from. It's likely coming from the same pipe, or clogged breather like mine. Check the video to see what the part is. Part numbers and links to where I buy my parts from are below.

Pipe listed as Venthose: 07C-103-641-F

Breather listed as PCV Valve: 07C-103-495-G

Tool you'll need to remove Oetiker clamps:

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