Vespucci - A Brand New Platform Which Tracks The Growth of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Markets

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The VOLENTIX Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE) began as a collection of people each of whom had experienced the frustration and dismay connected with persistent flaws in the cryptocurrency marketplace, especially the losses of stake associated with enormous hacks and cyber fraud in central exchanges. To solve this issue, The team created Volentix to provide a comprehensive set of user-friendly instruments for every single individual: a decentralized exchange for peer-to-peer trading of electronic assets (VDEX), a protected downloadable electronic pocket (VERTO), an interface for monitoring, assessing, and evaluation digital assets (VESPUCCI), a platform offering incentives for education, promotion, and further development (VENUE), and also a native digital currency to act as a store of value and a means of trade (VTX). Collectively, these tools are an effective solution for measuring value freely and securely without concentrated middlemen.

Vespucci is a brand new platform, developed by Pythagoras Systems, which tracks the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency markets and, by harnessing the energy of cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies, provides unbiased, strong and up-to-date positions that represent the actual value of quite a broad spectrum of coins in addition to their potential. In short, the stage provides non-experts together with all the following services:

  1. An intuitive analytical agent and overview of cryptocurrencies
  2. A rating system of cryptocurrencies, with risk assessment
  3. A dashboard for cryptocurrency news

Vespucci is a significant pillar of this Volentix ecosystem also shares its worth: decentralized government, peer-reviewed the privacy, public ledger by means of a public blockchain, open source applications and simplicity of usage. Vespucci is a system that assesses cryptocurrencies with a large pair of resources, classified in three pillars:

  1. a sentiment gauge for sentiment analysis (SA)
  2. technical/economics analysis (TA)
  3. and fundamental/technological analysis (FTA)

How does it work?

The 3 pillars are explained in the next subsections. In such subsections that a high number of standards is cited. The outcomes of the SA element is made available combined with all the Technical and FTA outcomes to the consumers so that they can get an entire 360 perspective of every coin's condition, rank and finally comprehend the coin's true worth and potential. ‪ An evaluation of the based cryptocurrencies and understood"scam-coins" is done, and the subsequent parameters deemed relevant in ascertaining cryptocurrency validity is incorporated into the computer system. To Be Able to test Vespucci at a semi-public release with prospective volunteers, then the machine has been introduced to various external users for insect testing of this evaluation system works, and also the UI. ‬‪ It's completed in a public atmosphere throughout the business of a closed beta launch. Users are chosen to Permit for more constructive and Appropriate feedback Details.‬ ‪ A continuing iterative procedure of tweaks, fixes, and alterations will take place through the beta release in the insight based on consumer opinions


The advantages of Vespucci are as follows:

  1. Rating of cryptocurrencies, readily resulting in a Prediction machine
  2. Combination of a comprehensive spectrum of criteria which range from Fundamental / Technological Analysis to technical / economics aspects up to a sentiment gauge.
  3. Transparency in methodology (data resources, intake mechanism, data manipulation process, calculations )Broad spectrum of resources (to prevent biased data)
  4. The modular design provides the capacity to expand the system to other applications such as smart contracts.
  5. High precision using sophisticated Evaluation methods, AI, and Deep Learning
  6. Intuitive algorithms, the potential for weighs given by the consumer, Post-processing for people.

Best user experiences

Vespucci includes a User Interface (UI) which allows for simple parameter input and coherently screens the consequent assessment metrics. The input provides a list with available coins or a variety of the top-ranked coins based on market cap worth: the user can pick those of interest. The kind and degree of evaluation to be done on the specified coin is selected. More comprehensive analysis requires additional inputs. ‬The outcomes interface gives a diminished view, providing an indicator for uninterrupted sections that shows the chosen metrics in detail. The color-coded score is calculated with a weighted average of assessment metrics.‬ ‪


Each expandable section exhibits the metric or set of metrics in a graphic method. Assessment metrics are split into different sections according to their represented data such as information regarding societal standpoint or a technical standpoint. Observing the success of this Ethereum Wallet and Ethereum Mist browser, then the most important interface vulnerable to an individual is hosted within an Electron program. Electron is an older technology released by Github to make modern desktop programs. Since Vespucci isn't connected to Desktop-based APIs nevertheless, it's also possible to port this program to operate inside a browser. The interface to the program can be made by using adult UI libraries for contemporary applications. With every element existing in its own, it's also simple to pull out components and add new ones since the item is trialed with consumers without negatively impacting the item as a whole.

The Platform Features

• Show all parameters that were used to calculate the Vespucci score.
• The ability for the user to modify basic parameters for score configuration.
• Display filters for crypto coins.
• Cryptocurrency index
• The rating system of Vespucci using 5 stars rating system
• Show general information and characteristics of the cryptocurrency of user’s choice
• Sentiment analysis charts
• Cryptocurrency distribution scheme
• Transaction history
• Technical Characteristics
• Charts of activity on Github
• Activity on social networks using points on a world map
• Ability to add other utility charts through a list of parameters

User Option

  1. Show Each of the encryption, Beside the Title and Emblem of Vespucci's rating.
  2. Fix the rating system by choosing energetic Vespucci parameters.
  3. Configure an evaluation system by choosing the priority of these fundamental parameters and correcting weights.
  4. Be educated separately about the impact of these fundamental parameters through diagrams and obtain a deeper image of the ones that form the fluctuation of this value of every currency.
  5. Filter the record of cryptocurrencies in line with the hash speed along with also the chronological period they had been busy on the marketplace.
  6. View cryptocurrency attributes in detail.

Each of the three pillars is imperfect. What's more, just the most seasoned analysts may unite all three systems within 1 evaluation strategy. The final rating for every cryptocurrency is dependent on every one of the 3 elements, weighted either by default values or from weighs supplied by the consumer. As it is business leaders in the value of their technology and the worth of the group behind every cryptocurrency, FTA and, particularly, the technical aspects are delegated an entire weight of 50 percent by default. It exploits recent discoveries in profound neural networks to be able to automate the mixture of scores without any human intervention in order to prevent introducing direct or indirect prejudice. The results of all three components along with the corresponding cost (the cost being reverse to risk) moves for various frames yield a position of their cryptocurrencies as well as the tokens from the most holistic strategy achieved. This can be combined with Post-processing for people. This reflects several of their very fascinating tradeable tokens today, but a lot of new smart contract programs are being developed by using their own very unique digital machines and implementation runtimes. This module could be considered a particular instantiation of lots of other such modules that might be constructed for future clever contract systems. Specifically, systems are very likely to seem that expose a new semantics particularly amenable to formal confirmation, where stage Vespucci is going to likely be expanded with new modules including this particular one for every new clever contract system which supports a selection of precious tokens. Over time, and using the primary pillars firmly suspended, the machine is imagined to also offer price forecast.

Vespucci Website | Volentix Website | Greenpaper | Telegram

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