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As of now the Blockchain cryptographic money venture is the foundation of present day advancement and can possibly alter the world. Understanding this potential, Volentix has incorporated a group of expert and experienced speculators to make a join blockchain exchanging stage. Our stage will fall look for customers who need to benefit a huge remuneration upon venture. We will make a lover helpful framework that joins recognized markets and resource based blockchain.

What is Volentix?

Volentix presents a computerized resources biological system (DAE) fusing a decentralized advanced resources trade associated with a protected multi-cash cross-blockchain shared wallet, an easy to use advertise appraisals logical interface, and a motivators based enlistment program. Volentix DApp's main goal is to build up the client base of vdex and in this way expanding the liquidity of available for all clients is from the point of view of vdex.

VDex has turned out to be a standout amongst the most developed and dependable stages of the digital currency exchanging stage, one of the most secure, quickest and most dominant stages utilizing EOS.io, the best working framework. It is an aggregate exertion where distinctive gatherings meet up to make a product that will build the utilization of crypto cash. Customers have the getting deal of to pick and flourish enabled, regardless of whether auxiliary clients setting got and pardon of the threats characteristic in a concentrated. The expansion of the article lives in an Adaptive building prepared, to blockchain applications embed the endorsed procedures of the second period.

There is wallet which empowers VDex clients to oversee reserves persistently. Verto is a flexible wallet for VDex. By ensuring these assets, Verto utilizes an arrangement of smart contracts to keep up the circumstance between two clearing clients, the least complex activities being finished by nuclear trade. Client's benefits are not put away on a trade or in any focal area. This will possess occurring a more noteworthy dimension of security enabling every client to save their benefits and their private keys.


VTX is the local advanced resource for be issued and utilized on the VDex decentralized trade. We presently plan to utilize token contract from the EOS.IO system to issue 2.1 billion EOS.IO-agreeable VTX tokens with a supply of 1.3 billion.

VTX has numerous capacities, for instance :

• To remunerate members in the agreement procedure and in Venue battles

• To pay and redistribute exchange expenses on the VDex trade

• To submit and vote on proposition to the Volentix biological system, utilizing the casting a ballot rights dispensed to VTX holders

• To stake support for surveying proposition and executing ventures

• To boost clients to partake all together book settlement by getting to be hubs by means of their Verto wallets

• To boost clients to secure assets for >24 hours by HTLC time-bound exchanges


The team is made up of people who understand business, branding, marketing and blockchain technology. This are set of people who are committed and are ready to take blockchain technology to a new height.
For more information, please click on the following link, next time I will discuss more deeply.
Website : https://volentix.io/
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Telegram : https://t.me/volentix
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