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Something you wont see every day...

A livestream from La Palma, showing how the lava from the ongoing volcano eruption is falling over the cliff into the sea (rewind a few hours, when its still day light):

Enjoy and have a nice day, your


weri nais streem
, but i feel ungemütlich whein i inglisch readen must ;-)


Must ya nix saga, nur gugga :)
Oder rüber zum Hive, da is deutsch

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I don't know if that live stream was still available, now its not.
But there are new ones, like this:

Or just check out the afarTV YT channel, they have several from La Palma. And some other interesting stuff, too.

It's amazing how live streaming is all over the place now. I was feeling under the weather tonight, so I live streamed our town's Christmas parade from the comfort of my couch.

Well, its the trend anyway, from what I heard. To do more and more things virtual, without actually being present. Like in the movie Surrogates, do you know it? That way you can also not catch a virus. Although, the people in that movie didn't look so healthy...

I haven't seen that movie, but I get the idea. Some employers were trying to get their people back in the office just before the most recent uptick, so it's not a trend everywhere, but I like the idea. Especially this time of year, when I don't want to go outside anyway.

Well, you should watch it, its really not bad. Yes, it sounds kind of tempting, not having to work and staying at home - but it has its down sides, too. I dont want to spoiler here, if you have not seen it yet.

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