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Revolutions are required, they bring few major positive changes in society when the mishappening reaches a saturation level. But what is revolution and how is is carried out?

Can you bring out a revolution? If yes, what path do you advocate ?

Revolution as a concept is of significant importance in our lives, it can make or break our lives. Most of the revolutions that begin is aimed at fighting injustice to certain group of people which may be right to few and wrong to few as well at the same time. But the matter of fact is truth always wins.


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What is more important is we do it the right way , revolution is a fight, it is a way of life for many and often misunderstood concept across the world!!Revolution need not have to associated with violence always. It is more of a complicated process and delicate process which has to be governed very carefully to not send out a negative message.

When you start a revolution just keep in mind that it is meant for something good to society, causing harm to people or playing with their live is the worst thing you can do with your fight for justice

Violent Or Non Violent Revolution ??

When the aim to achieve a positive fight, the path you choose should not decide what you intend to do with your revolution. Violence should never be an option in a person's life and that takes us no where in life. Infact most of the major changes that has happened over time is due to Non violent revolution.

According to a study 53% of all revolutions are non violent in nature and only 28% are violent in nature. Major revolutions across the world are non violent revolutions and our leaders have shown us that it is the right way to fight.

Lets learn from our history, it is a best teacher.

We will be inviting stories of Political suppression and aim to create revolution by creating communities affected by a similar suffering, do watch out this space for more updates.

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Well I guess violence is any form isn't great...


Thats right, wars are won by peace not swords!!!


The only time I can think of violence being the answer is when I have to defend myself from violence.


Calmness in life can solve many issues .. that includes violence we face in life too :) Just be that calm water, which can reflect the actions and not react in haste :)


I guess that was my anger talking ;)

What violent revolutions or uprising brought positive change to a country and could their goals have been achieved through peaceful means?


It may be a long process which should be guided by a visionary then it can be achieved through peaceful means :)

The history showed that a lot of revolutioners have ruled in the same kind of brutality or have been more cruel rulers as then the persons, which ruled before them . Changings must come in a peaceful way.

really great friend, may your sustenance increase


Thank you :)

Only the repressed will resort to violence, revolution through non-violence is the only means to a fruitful one.


History says so!!!

A non violent revolution is called an evolution. It is not as fast and takes more persists and criticisms but evolution is lasting.


WOW !!! You just made soo much sense in that one line... great