Disappointed about the VOICE Beta launch: U.S. only and a lot of restrictions 🤔

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Bin ein bisschen von dem Beta-Launch des neuen sozialen Netzwerks Voice enttäuscht. Ich bekam gestern eine E-Mail (siehe unten), in der erklärt wurde, dass die Beta zu Beginn nur für User in den USA zugänglich sein wird und sich alle User bei HooYu mit ihrer realen Identität verifizieren müssen (KYC!). Damit ist Voice noch restriktiver als herkömmliche soziale Netzwerke wie Facebook oder Twitter.

Während dem Verifizierungsprozess muss ein Selfie gemacht werden, was gleichzeitig das Profilbild sein wird (!) und anfangs auch nicht geändert werden kann. Was?!

Die Beta-Website ist ebenfalls nicht öffentlich und alle Rewards werden nach der Beta wieder resettet.

Apropos Rewards, die Rewards werden nicht in EOS ausgezahlt, sondern in einem eigenen Voice-Token.

Sorry, aber dieser Beta-Launch hat mit den Grundprinzipien einer offenen, grenzenlosen, erlaubnisfreien und zensurresistenten Blockchain nicht viel zu tun, sondern erinnert eher an ein zentrales Service mit einem Token, das möglichst alle Regulierungen einhalten oder sogar übererfüllen will.

Bitcoin und auch Steem waren von Anfang an eine offene, erlaubnisfreie und globale Blockchain. Das ist Voice leider nicht.

Was haltet ihr von Voice? Sind das nur Beta-Probleme oder ist Voice tatsächlich zu restriktiv?


Social as it should be? https://voice.com/


I'm a bit disappointed with the beta launch of the new social network Voice. I received an email yesterday (see below) explaining that the beta will initially only be available to users residing in the U.S. and that all users will have to verify their real identity with HooYu (KYC!). This makes Voice even more restrictive than traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

During the verification process, a selfie has to be made, which will also be the profile picture (!) and cannot be changed in the beginning. What?!

The beta site is also not public and all rewards will be reset after the beta.

Speaking of rewards, the rewards will not be paid out in EOS, but in a separate Voice token.

Sorry, but this beta launch doesn't have much to do with the basic principles of an open, borderless, permissionless and censorship-resistant blockchain, but is more reminiscent of a central service with a token that wants to comply with or even exceed all regulations.

Bitcoin and also Steem launched from the beginning as an open, permissionless and borderless blockchain. That is unfortunately not Voice.

What do you think of Voice? Are these just beta problems or is Voice really too restrictive?

Voice Beta Launch Newsletter

On February 14th, we will begin inviting groups of users who requested access so we can take on feedback in a defined, manageable, and efficient way.

Before this happens, there are a few things we want you to know:

  • Initially, Voice Beta will be released to those residing in the United States. As we optimize, we will continue a steady roll out globally in the English language.
  • Invitations will be regularly sent in groups while we test the platform. If you haven't already, tell your friends to request beta access!
  • To start, all content on Voice Beta will only be visible to logged in, registered users. We expect this to change within weeks, so write with public viewing in mind from the start.
  • The Voice Tokens that users receive during beta are not transferable and will be reset at a later date (but don't worry, we've got some cool features coming to reward beta testers).
  • Rapid changes of features and stability refinements are expected as we tweak and improve Voice. We will periodically do maintenance on the site, so don't be alarmed if you see a 404.
  • Real verified identity is integral to Voice. You'll notice that we're using HooYu to confirm a) you're a real person and b) reside in the United States.
  • You will be asked to take a selfie during Hooyu registration - this will, for now, be your profile picture on Voice, so don't forget to smile.

So, what's next?

  • Starting February 14th, invites will begin being sent first to US Residents -- those that took the Pre-Beta survey in the United States, then at random -- to other residents in the US.
  • Invites will contain instructions on how to register for Voice and verify your identity as well as some other tips on using Voice for the first time.

As we said when we announced the Road to Voice Beta, we want to share our journey with you. Voice won't become everything it can be without your involvement, scrutiny, and feedback, at every stage of the process. We encourage you to follow our updates featuring our latest findings, biggest challenges, stories, and behind-the-scenes peeks. Have a question? Just hit reply, we're here to help.

Thank you for joining us as we rebuild public trust in media together.

Happy V-Day btw 🌹

Live your Secrets and Steem Prosper 🔥

xx Viki @vikisecrets


I just signed up for the beta and agree with several aspects you found frustrating.

The beta site is also not public and all rewards will be reset after the beta.

Didn't realize this. I tweeted a link to my post, but I guess that's pretty useless if no one can read it. May have to cross-post to Steem.

Sorry, but this beta launch doesn't have much to do with the basic principles of an open, borderless, permissionless and censorship-resistant blockchain, but is more reminiscent of a central service with a token that wants to comply with or even exceed all regulations.

Yeah. I wonder if they plan to become more decentralized with time. But the current design of ID verification plus a non-public beta and private URLs makes it painfully obvious that its centralized.

From first glance it has fewer features and benefits than Steem. I am guessing they think they'll be able to achieve higher quality content... I'm skeptical. But will be interesting to see.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the beta, I would say Steemit is way more decentralized, before the Tron announcement hit us today. The future of Steem is now at risk, as Tron wants to move everything to the Tron network. Let's see what happens and hoping for the best.

Steem (the blockchain and not the Steemit Inc stakeholder) is exactly as decentralized as it was prior to the TRON acquisition announcement. Nothing in the consensus protocol for Steem has changed. The risk of a 51% attack from a majority stakeholder like Steemit Inc was always there. But now we may get to actually test whether the Steem blockchain is sufficiently decentralized to survive.

I'm writing from the presumption that most Steem users don't want to switch to TRON and there is nothing Steemit Inc or TRON will be able to do to change that.

yes this is very true, we will see now how decentralized Steem really is, I am also not really against a partnership with Tron, it all depends, what Justin Sun has to offer, and how the other investors, DApp authors and witnesses react. I could even imagine a fork of the Steem Classic chain and a new Steemit on Tron, or alternatively if the offer from Tron is really good, that the majority wants to move to Tron, then let it be so. Exciting and stormy times ahead of us :)

Auf Voice verzichte ich sehr gerne.
Danke für das Update.

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dann lieber 2 Wochen auf KYC-loses Steem warten. Danke fürs ausprobieren!

Ich finde es super das Voice KYC verlangt somit ist es nun wirklich keine Konkurrenz zu Steem und wir könmem alle wieder beruhigt weiter machen auf unseren geliebten Steem.

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Finde ich super! Je mehr restrictions, desto eher wirds ein Rohrkrepierer! Rewards resettet? Geht´s noch? Hahaha!

Der Preisanstieg bei Steem heute ist wohl damit zu erklären, dass so viele Nutzer von Voice enttäuscht sind. 😂

Bleiben wir lieber bei Steemit.
Gruß vom @bitandi

Sehr enttäuschend

Ja ich denke das es nicht nur bei der Beta Version so sein wird. Das die Beta Phase einen resett macht, unglaublich! Gut für den Steem. Yours Querdenker !invest_vote

That's an awful lot of restrictions. Seems like it's more trouble then it's worth at this point. To me anyway. Personally I wouldn't even bother.

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Was haben die Leute erwartet? Irgendwie muss man sein Netzwerk schützen. DPoS ist nicht perfekt aber es erlaubt uns halbwegs stabil das Netzwerk zu betreiben.

Nach dem Beta-Launch schätze ich Steem wieder umso mehr :) Steem/Steemit hat trotz der vielen Probleme einiges auch richtig gemacht und einen Startvorteil. Es ist das einzig wahre auf einer Blockchain-betriebene Social Media. Die anderen verwenden nur einen Token.

So ist es, nur leider können wir das alles nicht wirklich vermarkten.

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