Dan makes the new version of steem: Voice

in voice •  23 days ago 

block.one has just released their new social app called voice.


It is very marketing driven and a polished presentation. As usual Dan learns from his mistakes and evoles his solutions dramatically.

I believe he solves one key thing here: One Human = Voice. The fancy overview promises to have a working ID system on EOS.

If this were true it would solve lots and allow for many economic issues including token distribution to be solved.

THis looks interesting, but i would like to know how it works.

I am missing the white papers......

I hope we will soon find some indication of how this works, especially the economics and the governance/ownership of it all.






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Yeah it does look promising but for me all that personal info that have to be submitted is a huge turn off.

But with the war chest they have to back them up, I'm thinking it would be a dumb move not to at least try it out and see.

This whole situation has me so conflicted.


true. I would love how it works a bit more as well.

Lets see when it the beta launches. Dan has always made great products.

Surprised that after all the hype, it is really only another Dapp for EOS. Great news for Steem as it could probably be cloned and implemented here of the pieces are interesting for the community.

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Going to subcribe today to evaluate it. ;)

-block.one has just released their new social app called voice.

they did not actually. 1 year after eos launch..4kkk dollars in the pocket.. and no mvp even

I have made a small position in EOS after learning about this news. I think this should help eos price.

Lets we see how the voice will be. I just sign up yesterday then dunno what happen foe the next

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Very interesting how it works. The thing is on EOS gerelly- that i find very less informations about how its working in generell. To much complicated for me, or i am just getting old?

In Fact, they collect Billions of Dollar in the past- But they are still slowly like steemit Inc. Somehow it looks simalar?!


yea i miss a proper description of how it works technically and how the business model works

But I can still pay People for voting at me. So what problem is really solved? Well - it is harder to cheet

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Btw Are you steem witness?

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yes i am @steem-bounty.

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