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1. Overpopulation
Overpopulation is a serious problem the world needs to deal with;

2.  Oversleep

We talked until the early hours and consequently I overslept;

3.  Overpowering 

The noise was overpowering;

4.  Overkill

But regulatory overkill is the last thing we need.

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  1. I am a human who lives in overpopulation. Reason being,I live in India and we share 1/12 area of USA
  2. Sometimes I Oversleep and then I stay irritated for the whole day mourning the time I wasted oversleeping.
  3. Sometimes people can be overpowering, other times it feels like being dominated only.
  4. Some girls look pretty naturally, but they still overkill their looks with layers of makeup.

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  1. Years ago, overpopulation of koalas on Kangaroo Island (off the coast of South Australia) led to a highly controversial culling project.
  2. Oversleep can cause feelings of tiredness similar to if you had underslept.
  3. The smell in an abattoir can be quite overpowering.
  4. The garlands and wreaths used to decorate the venue of the 2-year-old's birthday party were considered overkill by most who attended.

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  1. overpopulation
    The overpopulation from China is a huge problem.
  2. oversleep
    After 2 weeks of insomnia, I have overslept and didn't wake up on time for the first class.
  3. overpowering
    Overpowering the computer, made it burn.
  4. overkill
    He overkilled his phone with too many games.

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  1. overpopulation:
    Most of the cities in India are experiencing overpopulation due to the rapid population growth.

  2. Oversleep:
    Davis could not get enough of television yesterday night so he had to oversleep.

  3. Overpowering:
    Many people tried to preempt the midget but his support from the local council one was overpowering.

  4. Overkill:
    Arnold had an overkill of the internet after he purchased a new router.

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  1. Overpopulation
    Most times overpopulation is the main cause of violence within an environment.
  2. Oversleep
    I overslept and was late for school.
  3. Overpowering
    Messi seems to be overpowering his team mates since he came in second half, it's highly likely Barcelona would win the game after a first half draw.
  4. Overkill
    "Should I give you yet more homework, or would that be overkill"? The teacher asked his students who all turned out to grumble.

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  1. Mexico City is overpopulated and is running out of fresh water.

  2. He spent all night gaming and as a result overslept and arrived at work fifteen minutes late.

  3. The woman wore an overpowering perfume which filled the small room and left everyone desperate to get out.

  4. The householder hated ants so much that he went for overkill and spent four hours painstakingly filling all the cracks in the paving outside with antkiller so the ants had no hiding places.

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  1. Overpopulation
    In the 1890s, people were deserting the countryside for overpopulated cities.
  2. Oversleep
    Oversleeping is said to calm you down, among other benefits.
  3. Overpowering
    There's an overpowering smell of garlic in the kitchen.
  4. Overkill
    He ended up being trapped in an early informational overkill.

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  1. Last week my four cousins come to our place to spend there vacations with us at that time our home was overpopulated.

  2. After doing a late night party we all overslept nest morning.

  3. The smoky flavor overpowering the taste of food.

  4. My phone's battery was overkill by high power consuming gaming.

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  1. Overpopulation is mainly witnessed in major cities as people flock into these cities in search of greener pastures.
  2. Most rich men have in common, the habit of oversleeping.
  3. Mrs. Vanessa Clarkson's political ambitions is overpowering as she has continue to express her intention to run for the office of President come 2020.
  4. Using a sledge hammer on a mouse is surely an overkill.

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  1. The growth is less in overpopulated country.

  2. You should goes to you bed on time otherwise overslept will become your habit.

  3. The fragrances of the perfume was overpowering the weather inside the room.

  4. The excess use of phones overkill the mental growth of kids.

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  1. Some Southeast Asian countries are suffering from corruption and OVERPOPULATION.
  2. I hope you’re not OVERSLEEPING because you’re depressed.
  3. I can’t take eating the bread because the saltiness is just OVERPOWERING.
  4. Preparing a table full of food for two guests is just OVERKILL, but grandma does that sometimes.

Good work!

Thank you as always, @majes.tytyty! Cheers!

My pleasure. I hope my delays over the past 2 weeks did not upset your schedule too much. I had to go to Vientiane, Laos, to get another Thai visa. There were obstacles and delays, so instead of a 3-day run, it took a total of 12 days!!!

And since I was away from my comfy and efficient work station, I was not as productive. But now, I'm back, and am uploading the final 70 or so Vocab posts.

(Not sure what I'll do when all the separate units are posted. Maybe re-start the series and run it again...?)

Hey @majes.tytyty! 😃 No problem! Welcome back! I enjoy joining these challenges since it's a good way to learn new words or to refresh my memory on words I have encountered but never used. You can re-start the series, or introduce another Vocab challenge but done in a different way - perhaps introducing uncommon words with the same first letter (e.g. create sentences using these vocab words that start with M - Majestic, Melancholy, Myriad, etc.) You can start from A to Z, and then start again.

Of course, you can do whatever floats your boat! 😊 Just giving out my ideas here that might help you.

Best of luck!

I hope to join these challenges and be more active on Steemit more often. I've been missing out lots already. I don't know what's really happening anymore, but I do observe that not much people are active in here.

I shall be in the know once again. I hope that's soonest.



  1. overpopulation
    We need to find solution to help overpopulated countries before it becomes out of hand.
  2. oversleep
    I don’t know why, but I always oversleep when I have an early meeting at work.
  3. overpowering
    The 30-day no alcohol challenge is a fight with my overpowering desire to have a drink.
  4. overkill
    New parents now face a dilemma of technology overkill with kids.

Good work!


  1. Overpopulation in metro cities is a major concern nowadays in developed countries.
  2. I am oversleeping in my vacation days.
  3. Terrorists overpowering when they got finding and money from some countries.
  4. Don't overkill small insects.

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My vocabulary practice


Not so many people know it, but Australia had a overpopulation of camels in the desertic area of the country

I couldn't resist the snooze button and I end up getting late.

This Thai braised pork noodle is overpowering because of this the cinnamon smell

I the excess of information in this digital era are overkill and many people are stressed by that