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  1. nonviolent
    He was nonviolent even if his father was the opposite.
  2. nonconformist
    I love being a nonconformist because I hate being like others.
  3. nonsense
    After he drunk too much, his explanation made nonsense.
  4. nonentity
    After he betrayed my sister, he became a nonentity for me and my family.

Good work!


1: My teacher gave me feedback on my written poem that the context was absolutly nonsense

2: The whole group choose to go the right track but John because he is a non-comformist

3: The whole school class started to argue and Luke started to punch Lilly in the face. She didn't engage with him because she is nonviolent.

4: Francesco feels bad since he puts so much effort in his work but everyone treats him like a nonentity

5: I told my mother that I want to solve an issue with her but her response was that my argument is just nonsensical

Good work!

I used to get similar feedback from my teachers. No, I don't!!


  1. Nonvioent:
    Uganda has been a nonviolent country in the recent years.

  2. Nonconformist:
    The president of Uganda informed Ugandans about a nonconformist group in the Elgon mountains.

  3. Nonsense:
    It is nonsense not to respect your parents.

  4. Nonsensical:
    I found the conversation with Christine nonsensical

  5. Nonentity:
    Opposition parties are not a nonentity in the decisions and progress of a country.

Good work!


  1. It breaks my heart to know people wreak havoc in a beautiful and ever NONVIOLENT country such as New Zealand.
  2. Usually, there's a greatly important reason why there are NONCONFORMISTS in our societies, that's why we have to listen to them.
  3. The judge regards all of the man's stories and testimonies as NONSENSE because he has evidence they are all made up.
  4. I have no time for NONSENSICAL conversations right now, most especially as we are currently solving this case.
  5. You always have the choice to rise from your downfalls and become somebody, or to let your downfalls crush and define you and forever remain a NONENTITY.

Good work! ... as usual.


  1. Is killing animals for food nonviolent?
  2. Nonconformists are usually against the government policies.
  3. Nonsense makes sense to nonsense people.
  4. Its nonsensical to say that time is money.
  5. Its a wrong impression to see a person uneducated as a nonentity.

Good work!

Thank you!


  1. Nigeria's recent presidential elections was conducted in a nonviolent manner
  2. Anyone who knows Fela Anikulapo-Kuti knows he was a nonconformist
  3. He spent the whole time talking nonsense
  4. He was very eloquent about nonsensical stuff
  5. He makes you feel like a nonentity when he passes you by without even some form of greeting

Good work!


  1. Gandhi was popular and became a hero for his advocacy as a nonviolent political person.

  2. He was punished at his job for being a nonconformist to the rules and policies set forth by the company.

  3. Many think his ideas are nonsense and he wonders why.

  4. The boys played a nonsensical game with their younger sister.

  5. She struggled to have been labeled as nonentity after losing her candidacy for presidency.

Good work!


  1. Everyone was surprise to see that The movement wad totally nonviolent
  2. The person nominated for election by the party was nonconformist in past.
  3. Nobody was listening to speaker's nonsense.
  4. Please behave like a gentleman otherwise every one think nonsensical about you.
  5. Please listen to everybody in the group, nobody should feel like nonentity.

Good work!


  1. A nonviolent man can become violent when he is surrounded by insecurity and uncertainty.
  2. Being a nonconformist is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone as one is free to create his or her reality.
  3. I believe that for every nonsense, there is some atom of sense within.
  4. The last son of Mr. Keller has continue to portray himself as nonsensical in public even when his family thinks otherwise of him.
  5. I felt so bad for the new couple, the pastor had no right to declare them as nonentities just because they didn't donate towards the church project.

Good work!



  1. Nonviolent:
    Mahatma Gandhi led the nonviolent movement for independence of India.

  2. Nonconformist:
    A nonconformist is someone who does not comply with the rules, standards or laws imposed by others.

  3. Nonsense:
    Some people say nonsense and then think they were being funny.

  4. Nonsensical:
    It isn't so difficult to learn Gibberish: it's an unintelligible, nonsensical and meaningless language.

  5. Nonentity:
    My wife seems a nonentity while running to get the bus.

Good work!

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