Vocab-ability Prefix–298 (multi__ = many, much) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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  1. Five multiplied by two equals ten.

  2. Christ fed the multitude by turning five loaves and two fishes into enough food to feed all.

  3. The investment house claimed their analysts reports were multifacted and took into account macroeconomics as well as microeconomics.

  4. The Foreign Office recruits multilingual people to staff their embassies.


  1. Multiply
    He had been multiplying, but it occurred to him he needed to resolve the exponents, first.
  2. Multitude
    A multitude of soldier rushed in to hold the line thereby preventing enemy forces from gaining entrance into the town.
  3. Multifaceted
    Joan was a multifaceted individual; she knew how to bargain both with Wall Street brokers and push-cart vendors.
  4. Multilingual
    There is a work vacancy at the embassy, but one very important requirement for the work is being multilingual and also being fluent.


  1. Germs do multiply very quickly.

  2. There was a multitude of people at the concert last night.

  3. He bought her a ring that is a multifaceted in a very unique design.

  4. Few Americans are multilingual.

Good work!

Many Americans do not even know what "multilingual" means. Same with Canadians, Brits, Aussies, etc. :-)


  1. The young boy was considered quite the maths genius when he demonstrated his ability to multiply ANY 2 numbers correctly his head - no calculator!

  2. A multitude of people gathered in the street hours before dawn, eager to be first in line when the doors opened to the greatest 1 day super sale of the year.

  3. Due to the intrinsic nature of the task, it was agreed that a multifaceted approach would ensure an optimal outcome.

  4. Employees verified as multilingual were paid at 20% above the standard rate.


  1. There was a great multitude at the event.
  2. The project took longer to be implemented because it is multifaceted.
  3. My mum is multilingual because she can speak over 5 different languages.
  4. It will be difficult to multiply your savings by keeping it in a bank.


  1. Multiply.
    Rabbits and mice seem to multiply in great numbers if not kept under control.

  2. Multitude.
    My mother used to tell me to "Wear big clothing, it hides a multitude of sins," while she was struggling to put on her girdle.

  3. Multifaceted.
    A diamond, depending on cut, is multifaceted to give it sparkle and show off it's fire and brilliance.

  4. Multilingual.
    At one point I was multilingual, and could speak and read French, but I didn't keep up with French classes and it faded over the years.

Good work!


  1. multiply
    Today we learned at the university about how money are multiplied.
  2. multitude
    When I was searching for souvenirs I found a multitude of wonderful bracelets.
  3. multifaceted
    She was a multifaced girl who was hiding lots of interesting passions.
  4. multilingual
    Due to being born in another country than his native one, Andrew is multilingual.

Good work!

These days, money is multiplied very simply. The central banks just press "PRINT," and voila!!! – another trillion dollars or more. Works like magic, all the time, every time.

Until it doesn't work anymore.


  1. Everyone should multiply the vision to a boundless future.
  2. The accident is witnessed by multitude of people.
  3. No one knows who is actual multifaceted person.
  4. I have installed a multilingual Ubuntu.

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  1. Multiplying mentally is difficult, but not impossible.
  2. The Multitude applauded the singer.
  3. Multifaceted is the personality that my neighbor has.
  4. To be Multilingual you have to study a lot.


  1. Multiply:
    We are going to multiply at the reunion under the table that the two will be getting married on.

  2. Multitude:
    The multitude showed their compassion for the dead cats, but, when it came to caring for each other, they shied away from their duties to one another.

  3. Multifaceted:
    We can see that the moon and sun are not multifaceted, but round like a disk.

  4. Multilingual:
    If I were multilingual, I would travel the world speaking your name and giving out your address.

Good work!

FYI, my real name is Abe McLinkon, and my address is Black House, 666 Washington Street. Visitors welcome.


  1. If given the power, I want to multiply my awesomeness!
  2. I saw a multitude of angels approaching me, but another multitude of devils are following me.
  3. Seldom acquires a multifaceted character.
  4. How many languages can a multilingual person acquire?

Good work!

I've seen the devils. Does that imply that the angels will soon appear? I'm looking forward to that. :-)

Yeah, angels will appear same number as the devils but the time is uncertain. :-)


  1. In its most extreme examples, ears twist like conches, teeth and eyes multiply, and hair melts into nothingness.

  2. The multitudes of the satisfied willing to fire a single weapon or word to defend the world as it was because, after all, one bullet was nothing.

  3. For reviews, it’s a multifaceted algorithm that looks at different parts of the review.

  4. Last week brought an easier way of taking screenshots, and today Now on Tap is going multilingual.

These sentences are copy-pasted directly from various sites. That's plagiarism.

Furthermore, the intent of these VOCAB-ABILITY exercises is for you to "compose your own sample sentences." That's the way to learn, and that's the only way to earn upvotes.


  1. I see a Multifid of votes on this post.
  2. The Fifth Element Multipass, is a good meme.
  3. To complete the my vocab test, it is a Multistep process.
  4. The circus train had a Multicar set up.

You Rock. Thanks~

Hmmm, you did not use the target words. In fact, some of your "words" are note even real words. Please follow the rules / directions above. For clarification, just look at others' entries.

Target word multi_

Confused to your feed back...
Not sure what word you are saying is not even real.. here they all are.
They are ALL real words that I did not make up...

Multifid : https://www.dictionary.com/browse/multifid
Multipass : https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/multipass
Multistep : https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/multistep
Multicar : https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/multicar

I used the target word... ???


  1. I see a Multifid of votes on this post.


  1. The Fifth Element Multipass, is a good meme.


  1. To complete the my vocab test, it is a Multistep process.


  1. The circus train had a Multicar set up.


  1. But the dune is nearly always overrun by weeds and other plants, and this month’s rains only helped multiply the vegetation.

  2. He’s alive, and so far unpunished for his alleged multitudes of crimes.

  3. Taken together, this is a holistic approach to a multifaceted problem.

  4. Finally, his multilingual capabilities, including Spanish and English, ensure a smooth transition in the leadership of our club.

These sentences are copy-pasted directly from various sites. In fact, #2 was written about Michael Jackson. That's plagiarism.

Furthermore, the intent of these VOCAB-ABILITY exercises is for you to "compose your own sample sentences." That's the way to learn, and that's the only way to earn upvotes.


  1. The pain was there, and the fatigue was like the worst exhaustion I’d ever experienced, multiplied by a million.

  2. The totality amounted to a continual homage to a defiant multifaceted Otherness that was central to her finely detailed paintings and captured in staged photographs.

  3. A multitude of flowers and messages lay on the ground outside the entrance gate in homage to victims and survivors.

  4. Anggelo, who was born in Venezuela, creates multilingual works that combine music, dance and poetry.

These sentences are copy-pasted directly from various sites. That's plagiarism.

Furthermore, the intent of these VOCAB-ABILITY exercises is for you to "compose your own sample sentences." That's the way to learn, and that's the only way to earn upvotes.

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