Vocab-ability Prefix–295 (mini__ = small) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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Each daily “Vocab-ability 1x1” post has 2 main features, as follows:  

One “Vocab-ability” entry

By spending 5 minutes reviewing today’s “Vocab-ability” entry (below), you can learn the vocab roots and many high-level English words.    

One “Vocab Practice” exercise (for UpVotes

By spending another 10–15 minutes, you can practice using today’s words by composing your own sample sentences. Your practice efforts will be rewarded with UpVotes.     (See “Vocab Practice” rules and notes below)    Today’s “Vocab- ability” entry

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Note re Free Use 

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  1. It is recommended that periodic Risk Assessments be conducted to minimize hazards in the workplace.

  2. Candidates who did not meet the minimum requirements were thanked for their time and sent home.

  3. After careful consideration of market research results, the Stud Owner determined that specialising in miniature ponies would be far more profitable than standard breeds.

  4. Not wanting to diminish the boy's confidence, the teacher considered her words carefully before speaking to him about his test score.

Good work!


  1. You must learn to minimize the time you spend watching TV

  2. The minimum amount you can invest is 1,000 naira

  3. I need a miniature cctv camera to fit in my room

  4. What he showed his friends was a miniature version of his house

  5. Riches will diminish in the hands of a lazy man

Good work!


  1. Minimize:
    The aliens hovering over the White House will minimize the damage done to the population by wiping out the politicians.

  2. Minimum:
    The minimum amounts of rocks thrown by the boy crashed through the neighbors' window.

  3. Miniature:
    The miniature warehouse housed the unlucky people who suffered from a lack of appetite.

  4. Miniature:
    It was I, after expressing my miniature problem with the chef's meal, who stormed out of the kitchen with the chef right behind me with a boiling pot of hot water.

  5. Diminish:
    Not only is it important to bring someone up, but you must also diminish them at times to remind them that they are not above the common person.

Good work!

Please, please, please ... somebody motivate those aliens to start taking action.


  1. All windows of the OS was minimized.
  2. I was thinking of a minimum layout on every post on steemit.
  3. To miniature a building you need to give your full effort.
  4. A miniature is resembled to original size.
  5. Can not guess diminished things.

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Good work!


  1. You should minimize your spending on some items so that you can save more for future.
  2. What is the minimum qualifications to apply for this job.
  3. I know a person how is expert in making miniature .
    4.Please ask the architecture if he can make a miniature of the final design.
  4. Make your investment properly and in a right place others wise there are some scheme which only show the good profits on paper and when you invest all your hard money diminished overtime.

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Good work!


  1. Minimise:
    My elder sister learnt how to minimise my resources at an early age.

  2. Minimum:
    The minimum qualification for GMAT is probably an average mark of fifty percent.

  3. Miniature:
    I literally needed a miniature router which could at least save battery and is portable.

  4. Miniature:
    You can't believe the miniature size of the new van, is it?

  5. Diminish:
    Because of his diminished responsibility, Robertson's reputation had to diminish.

Good work!


  1. It's always advisable to live on a minimized budget, in order to save for the rainy days.
  2. The minimum wage in most countries can't be said to be a true living wage.
  3. Prior to this time, miniature computers like mobile phones were non-existent.
  4. All prototypes are basically miniatures.
  5. After the passing away of his father, Matthew diminished drastically in size.

Good work!



  1. It's very difficult to survive on minimum wage job.
  2. The doctor cautioned the patient to minimize his alcohol consumption.
  3. The miniature prototype of the product will be shown to the management during the presentation.
  4. Technology has made it possible for miniature television to be manufactured.
  5. A man's money will hardly diminish if he has several profitable investments.

Good work!

Nowadays, it's virtually impossible for anyone to survive on a minimum wage job.

But I've heard that there's also a minimum wage for CEOs and bankers, and it's about $20,000 / hour. I believe most CEOs and bankers can manage to get by on that.

Did you say 'manage'? Hmmm.....$20,000 is a lot of money, that's why it's paid to very few people


  1. She needs to minimize the screen-shot of the picture.

  2. He received a minimum allowance every week.

  3. She bought a miniature doll for her child.

  4. He made a miniature design of the Mona Lisa portrait.

  5. The pimple on his face has diminished eventually overtime.

Good work!

What's better, a minimum allowance every week, or a minimum wage every hour? I've had both, but I did not appreciate either.

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