Vocab-ability Prefix–294 (micro__ = very small, tiny) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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Each daily “Vocab-ability 1x1” post has 2 main features, as follows:  

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One “Vocab Practice” exercise (for UpVotes

By spending another 10–15 minutes, you can practice using today’s words by composing your own sample sentences. Your practice efforts will be rewarded with UpVotes.     (See “Vocab Practice” rules and notes below)    Today’s “Vocab- ability” entry

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  1. I fear the radiation from the microwave so i don't use it often.
  2. In the lab I have incubated microbes.
  3. An electron microscope can view single atoms.
  4. Some lunatic persons make up there own microcosm.
  5. Microsortof created great products for the Apple ecosystem.

Good work!


  1. My food is cold, i need to warm it using my microwave

  2. A microbe can be a disease causing micro-organism

  3. Bacteria and germs can be easily identified using a microscope

  4. The soil contains its own microcosm of organisms

  5. Have you heard of microsortof? Its a tiny software firm that designs apples.

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  1. My mom use microwave vastu less.
  2. A microbe made my skin worst ever.
  3. In a chamestry lab teacher helped us to use a microscope
  4. Our planet is smallest microcosm in the universe.
  5. Microsortof has developed great software's.

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  1. microwave
    I always loved making popcorn by using a microwave rather than buying them.
  2. microbe
    She got a very dangerous microbe into her body and she needed to be hospitalized 3 weeks.
  3. microscope
    When I was in high school, my teacher used to let me and my classmates make different tests by using the microscope.
  4. microcosm
    She used to have her own microcosm rather than accepting the rough reality.
  5. Microsortof
    It's crazy how much technology evolved and created this Microsortof software.

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  1. We have a new small microwave given as a gift of my sister's weeding.
  2. My nephew is so sensitive on microbes.
  3. That was a long time during High School days when I first use a microscope.
  4. I couldn't imagine the size of a microcosm.
  5. Its my first time to hear Microsortof firm.

Good work!

Thank you!


  1. I can't wait to microwave my food once I get home.
  2. The human body is home to microbe.
  3. Bacteria can be seen through the lens of a microscope
  4. Dubai is a microcosm of it's own.
  5. The tiny software firm that helped to design apple is microsortof

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  1. I have heard from the grapevine that eating microwaved foods are unhealthy.
  2. All cuts especially on children should be well treated immediately in order to prevent microbes from getting into the body.
  3. My first experience with a microscope wasn't as exciting as I imagined, I couldn't see what others saw!
  4. Although ants live in a microcosm, they remain very organised at that level.
  5. Thanks to companies like Microsortof, we have great computer manufacturers like Apple!

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  1. Microwave:
    It's officially certain that the radiation from microwave ovens is harmful to human health.

  2. Microscope:
    It's logical to use a microscope in dissection of any specimen with minute cells.

  3. Microbes:
    I always keep my house clean in fear of microbes.

  4. Microcosm:
    Most minute living things have natures of microcosm backgrounds.

  5. Microsortof:
    The apple smart phone I bought had numerous simulator microsortof applications.

Good work!


  1. Microwave
    Some set of scientist have come together to experiment the use of microwave to temporally weaken virus cells.
  2. Microbe
    Some certain type of microbe are considered to be harmful to the human body system.
  3. Microscope
    After treating the bacterial with a mild reactive solution, Doctor Alice observed through a microscope to know if the bacterial was still active.
  4. Microcosm
    The detailed study of microcosm is essential in determining how diverse and complex we humans are.
  5. Microsortof
    The microsortof firm has had a tremendous impact on nano-technology.

Good work!


  1. The topic if discussion was 'Is it healthy to use microwave for daily food production.'
  2. Wash your hand properly with soap other the microbes on your hands can make you ill.
  3. Microscope is a instrument used to see the tiny things like germs.
  4. You should MI's my your classmate please don't make your own microcosm.
  5. I have not heads of Microsortof firm, what is the product of the company.

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Good work!

This is a wonderful exercise, always happy to be one of your earliest students.

In Haven sentn then 15n caken hoursn agon. Then newn countn isn 5n.


  1. I used the microwave to heat water for my tea.

  2. Some microbes are invisible.

  3. She uses a microscope at her place of work for research.

  4. Planet earth is a microcosm in the planetary system in the galaxy of the universe.

  5. I’ve never heard of this Microsortof word before, but it appears this firm isn’t popular.

Good work!

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