Vocab-ability Prefix–290 (macro__ = huge, large ) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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  1. Macrocosm of earth is now very hot.
  2. Macroclimate of New York is having risk of a big tsunami anytime.
  3. Macroevolution of any species depends on their DNA and survival skill.
  4. To understand Macroeconomics of crypto currencies are volatile.

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  1. Nasa is researching macrocosm of Mars planet.
  2. Urban cities' macroclimate is full of pollution.
  3. It's said that macroevolution of humans started from monkeys.
  4. In a large scale macroeconomics of developing countries improving.

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  1. How come the macrocosm is created out of nothing?
  2. For now the macroclimate of the Philippines is still sunny.
  3. The macroevolution started from something not from nothing.
  4. Could macroeconomics sustain without economics?

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  1. Studies of the macrocosm reveal more and more how little we actually know about it.
  2. Billy's first homework assignment for the school year was to research and describe the macroclimates of 3 countries.
  3. Mutation, genetic drift and natural selection are some of the factors that lead to macroevolution.
  4. In this week's macroeconomics class the students discussed changes in unemployment and the national income.

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  1. You’ll have to run the whole MACROCOSM before she loves you.
  2. Southeast Asia’s MACROCLIMATE is monsoonal.
  3. I believe the MACROEVOLUTION doesn’t stop in us.
  4. His interest and fascination in MACROECONOMICS have made him a master of the field.

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I would not even run a MICROCOSM for the sake of only love!!!

Haha! :-D Thank you, @majes.tytyty!


  1. The macrocosm of my community can only be understood by anyone that can study its history.
  2. The macroeconomics analysis of my country showed a positive growth rate.
  3. The study of the macroevolution of some organisms would enable us understand their behaviours better.
  4. The macroclimate of my country is very friendly

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  1. Trying to comprehend the macrocosm of the universe remains an herculean task for even for scientists.
  2. Global warming has continue to disrupt the macroclimate of most countries.
  3. The much acclaimed macroevolution of humans from apes, is so untrue due to the existence of apes till date.
  4. Political leaders ought to be well grounded in the macroeconomics of their respective countries.

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  1. Macrocosm:
    I still remember the day when I looked at my senior student and saw not only the macrocosm but the macrocosm as well, completing the whole.

  2. Macroclimate:
    George, if you speak about the macroclimate on Tutiti 358 one more time, this cup of boiling hot coffee is going to find its way into your face.

  3. Macroevolution:
    The macroevolution of our species has never been separate from that other-other species.

  4. Macroeconomics:
    When we look at the macroeconomics chart for the last hundred years, we can see the Capitalist pigs started their reign at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Have I ever told you about the macroclimate of Fucilabora 853? Wanna hear about it?

No ... yes.


  1. Our planet Earth is part of a macrocosm in the planetary system.

  2. Mount Everest has an acclaim macroclimate with adventurists.

  3. The dinasours were part of a macroevolution that is extinct.

  4. She’s studying macroeconomics at the university.

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