Vocab-ability–211 (seque, secut, su = follow, continue) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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Each daily “Vocab-ability 1x1” post has 2 main features, as follows:  

One “Vocab-ability” entry

By spending 5 minutes reviewing today’s “Vocab-ability” entry (below), you can learn the vocab roots and many high-level English words.    

One “Vocab Practice” exercise (for UpVotes

By spending another 10–15 minutes, you can practice using today’s words by composing your own sample sentences. Your practice efforts will be rewarded with UpVotes.     (See “Vocab Practice” rules and notes below)    Today’s “Vocab- ability” entry

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  1. I’ve been going to the office for CONSECUTIVE weeks, but I still haven’t received the document I am requesting.
  2. I can tell you the SEQUENCE of events to prove to you that I am a witness to what happened.
  3. Have you read the SEQUEL of this book?
  4. You can do all that you want to do today, even the worst things, but always remember the CONSEQUENCES you’ll have to suffer tomorrow.
  5. He was PERSECUTED for doing the right thing all the time.
  6. The book’s NON-SEQUITURs made it such a waste of time to read.
  7. Art is something I want to PURSUE and do for the rest of my life.
  8. *Allow me to add PROSECUTE since you made a sentence from it. Also, for added learning! 😄 : Jane can’t attend the gathering since she will be PROSECUTING today.

Good work! And here's a bonus!!


  1. The computer won two consecutive chess games in a row.

  2. The software programming sequence had a bug that needed to be fixed manually.

  3. The sequel to that movie is available online through illegal means.

  4. The consequence for pirating films could be severe if caught.

  5. If you are caught for pirating movies on a mass scale, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  6. My operating system crashed and gave me multiple non sequiturs that were very confusing.

  7. The FBI will pursue cyber criminals on a nationwide scale.

FYI - #5 you have the word “persecute”, but in your example, you used the word “prosecute”.

Alternative Response to #5:
I have persecuted you for making a mistake.

Good work!

And thanks for the "info" re #5. I realized that much too late, but I hope it does not confuse too many people. Feel free to persecute me as necessary, but I beg that, eventually, you show some leniency and forgive me for my crime. Cheers!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Haha. Yes. You are forgiven.

Mistakes happen. Thanks for all your hard work and vocabulary lessons.


  1. He won four consecutive games of poker.

  2. The gymnast began a complicated sequence of tumbles and vaults.

  3. He was jailed as a consequence of committing crime.

  4. She suffered from paranoia and thought everyone was trying to persecute her.

  5. The businessman realised that his creditors would pursue him through the courts for repayment.

Good work!


  1. The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan had 15 consecutive Prime Ministers from 1955 to 1993.

  2. NASA triggered the ignition sequence to launch their rocket.

  3. JK Rowling has been pressed to issue further a further sequel to her Harry Potter series.

  4. Populism is a consequence of the Great Financial Crash.

  5. He resigned from his well-paying job to pursue a career in politics.

Good work!


  1. Unemployment rose for three consecutive months.

  2. The security code had to be input in a pre-set sequence.

  3. Hollywood likes to make a sequel of a successful movie.

  4. He lost his home as a consequence of not being able to pay his mortgage.

  5. The Chinese persecute their muslim minority.

Good work!


  1. The Australians have had a world record 27 consecutive years of economic growth.

  2. The G7 leaders issued their press releases in a choreographed sequence.

  3. The sequel to Star Wars was better than the original movie.

  4. As a consequence of the referendum, Britain will leave the European Union.

  5. Hitler decided to persecute the Jews.

Good work!


  1. A tennis player wins a Grand Slam when they win four consecutive major titles in a year.

  2. The fibonacci sequence governs the laws of nature.

  3. The sequel to Breakdance (Electric Boogaloo) was a dreadful movie.

  4. He had a hangover as a consequence of getting drunk.

  5. She decided to pursue her interest in history at university.

Good work!


  1. Consecutive.
    He has been defeated in the Olympic Games three times consecutively, but he never gives up in trying.

  2. Sequence.
    It is significant to perform the process in sequence, otherwise the system will ABEND.

  3. Sequel.
    There is a sequel to this magnificent story of the Ottoman Empire’s bravery in conflict.

  4. Consequence.
    Because he was found guilty of stealing a necklace from the department store, he’ll be punished as a consequence for stealing.

  5. Persecute.
    No one wants or desire to be persecuted for the sake of nonsense persecution by the tyrants.

  6. Non sequitur.
    Her second testimony to the court appeared to be a non sequitur based on the first evidence of statement showed.

  7. Pursue.
    He wanted to pursue a career in fashion designing in the fashion industry.

Good work!


  1. His sack is a consequence of disrespecting his boss

  2. The reigning champion has defended his title three consecutive times before he suffered a defeat.

  3. The files has numbers in them and should be arranged in sequence.

  4. Many christians are being persecuted in Islamic countries.

  5. Though the meeting was adjourned, the boss said that there will be no sequel.

  6. What you just said is non sequitur to what we're discussing

  7. The mob pursued the thief until he was caught

Good work!


  1. Consecutive:
    Listening to the commands of the officer was the last consecutive order we took before dying.

  2. Consequence:
    The consequence of taking the letter would prove a fatal mistake.

  3. Pursue:
    If I pursue the easy path during this assignment, I should be able to avoid non sequiturs.

  4. Sequel:
    Sequels to movies are rarely better or even on par with the first movie.

  5. Sequence:
    The persecuted kings were taken out sequentially by the sons and daughters wishing to over throw their tyrannical parents.

Good work!

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My Vocab Practice:

Zinedine Zidane is the first manager to reach three consecutive UEFA Champions League finals.
Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and sequence words help the reader understand the order of events that are taking place.
I hopes the film can still get a sequel.
Mixing alcohol and other drugs together can lead to physical, behavioral and health consequences.
Religious minorities were persecuted and massacred during the ten-year regime.
6.Non sequitur
This non sequitur invalidates his argument.
the police started a chase to pursue the thief.

Good work!

As for your statement in #4, can you please confirm that some of those "consequences" are, may be, beneficial? Otherwise, I might be in serious trouble.

  1. Maybe all my post should follow a sequence
  2. Am afraid you will bear the consequences alone
  3. Let us persecute him
  4. This is a consecutive victory for him

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Good work!

BUT, please follow Rule #5, and begin your entry with MY VOCAB PRACTICE. Otherwise, I may miss your entry.

1 Consecutive.
His blood consecutive bleed in his wound.
2 Sequence
The sequence of eid milad Nabi is continue.
3 Sequel.
The human sequel in cell.
4 Consequence.
The third war consequences are so bad.
5 Persecute.
You really persecute to me.
6 Non sequitur.
The man is drunk, he rambles non-sequitur comments that aren’t logical.
7 Pursue.
Police catch the thief who pursue a woman.

Good work!


  1. We experienced consecutive rainfalls last month.

  2. I've queued the songs so they will play according to the sequence she wanted.

  3. I believe that movie has a sequel where they revealed the magician's place of origin

  4. Failing the test is a consequence of your refusal to study

  5. Don't persecute me for something I don't know of

  6. The previous sentence was a non sequitur

  7. The police pursued the Armed robbers until they caught all of them

Good work!


  1. This exercise involve making consecutive sentences

  2. Please, arrange the balls in an orderly sequence

  3. Some people want a sequel to my novel

  4. The consequence of sin is death

  5. They will persecute him if he tries to speak the truth

  6. Don't make non sequitur sentences, keep to the discussion

  7. I use to pursue my brother across the fields when we were young

Good work!

Thanks for educational post.

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