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  1. popular: Some believe the popular opinion is the democratic opinion.
  2. population: It seems democratic, when deciding on a course of action, to accept the will of the majority of the population.
  3. public: However, the people are not the public, rather they reside in and belong to it - an inhabitant and constituent of the public forum.
  4. publicity: In true democracy the plurality of opinions receive their due publicity; the popular opinion predominates but it is not the only opinion held by the public.

Please read and follow Rule #5.


  1. Popular.
    The artworks and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh made him popular among many other artists.

  2. Population.
    China and India are the two countries with the most population living in the whole world.

  3. Public.
    The U.S. election is open to the public who are legal citizens of its country.

  4. Publicity.
    He received good publicity after winning the Nobel Prize award.

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  1. Michael jackson was popular for his unique dance style
  2. India has the second highest population in the world
  3. The publoc is protesting against the government
  4. Celebrities have easy access to publicity

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  1. Her contribution to the music industry has made her highly recognized and POPULAR.

  2. In our country, the youth POPULATION has doubled in size.

  3. As a PUBLIC servant, you have to create laws and programs that serve the PUBLIC best.

  4. PUBLICITY is always good, that's what they say.

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  1. Chocolate bars are the popular choice at Halloween.

  2. Each household has to buy at least 500 candies to keep up with the population of children in this neighbourhood.

  3. The City’s Halloween party is a free event that is open to the public.

  4. Witches wouldn’t be seen as such evil beings if they had some good publicity.

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1- In my town the population has declined a lot over the last 20 years, and what remains is above all the elderly.

2- I was never popular at school.

3- The city in which I currently live has beautiful public spaces.

4- I can not stand the publicity, that's why I only look at Netflix.

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  1. I'm very popular in my community.

  2. Over half the population in third world countries are living in poverty.

  3. The general public we're not happy with the plunder in the president's speech.

  4. Good publicity is vital to the success of any business.

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  1. His recently released album made him very popular among the youth.

  2. The population of my country is growing at a geomatrical proportion.

  3. The young man could not win the election because of the poor publicity he got.

  4. Public figures should be mindful of what they say in the public.

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  1. Mary is popular among the students.
  2. Nearly a third of the population died in the Great Plague.
  3. Admonish your friends in private, praise them in public.
  4. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

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  1. I am the most popular man in town.
  2. The population in Canada is rapidly increasing.
  3. The public market is just few steps away from my house.
  4. His public appearances are good publicity for the new movie.

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  1. Philanthropist are not just Popular because they give, they love for humanity is immeasurable .
  2. Population statistics across the world is showing the level of depression people are in, let us in our little way show more kindness t others.
  3. Never live life to impress the public or meet societal expectations.
  4. Celebrities who live for the gram just for publicity need to come back to reality.

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Britney Spears is one of the most popular artist in the music industry.

The population of the Philippines is increasing by 10% every year.

Having a speech in public is not very easy to do.

You have to do some charity for good publicity.

Please read and follow Rule #6

1 Popular: I am very popular among my friends
2 Population: Estimated population of my city is 150 million.
3 Public: Pakistani public elected Imran khan as Prime minister of Pakistan.
4 Publicity: Publicity is inevitable to get your product famous in the market.

Good work!


  1. Popular:
    Would you like to guest who was the most unpopular new kid in school?

  2. Population:
    Look at them, the population with the earbuds in their ears and their eyes hooked on the screen.

  3. Public:
    I'm going to master going out in public without letting my fear and anxiety control my life.

  4. Publicity:
    I have been my own worst publicity agent because I tend to rant online.

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  1. Hilary was popular among western states.

  2. Birds population in this area seems to have increased.

  3. Their private life is now shared with the public.

  4. How much did she pay for that publicity ?

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How popular is steemit is, among other various cryptocurrency.
The asia continent has the largest population.
The public rejected the president opinion about development.
They're already publicising next month's concert.

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My Vocab Practice:

  1. Popular
    President Trump is popular worldwide.
  1. Population
    In Dubai, 10%-15% of the population are the locals. The rest are expats.

  2. Public
    He left the country after his father humiliated him in public.

  3. Publicity
    Some politicians do clean-up drives for good publicity.

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He is a popular actor.
Pakistan population are increase.
Wazer e Azam House is opend for common public.
Park is a best way for publicity.

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  1. Many political commentators are being mistaken as right-wing for disagreeing with socialists.
  2. The population of Ursus maritimus is on a continuous decline due to over-hunting.
  3. Many voices support the need for social media to be treated as a public utility.
  4. The 2016 victory of Donald Trump proved once again that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Good work!

Popular. Michael Jackson will always be popular.

Population. China has the highest population in the world.

Public. I'm beginning to despise public officials

Publicity. We'll keep a low profile and limit any negative publicity to really egregious errors.

Please read Rule #5.


It's one thing to be popular in school, it's another to be heavily involved in cliques and groups of exclusion at the expense of others.

The population of Brazil is a little over 2.1 million people, contrasted with the population of New York City, around 8.5 million, is astounding.

Some people become upset when they see a woman breastfeeding out in public places.

I guess the old saying is true, "There's no such thing as bad publicity," after the soap star was stopped for a DUI.

Please read and follow Rule #5.


Popular - I'm very popular with girls.

Population - You don't need to doubt their population, they are as plenty as the sea sand.

Public - If I make the news public,everyone will dance to my tune.

Publicity - It is certain that Steem fest will get a lot of publicity.

Please READ and FOLLOW Rule #5

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populair: sommigen geloven dat de populaire mening de democratische mening is.
bevolking: het lijkt democratisch om, bij het nemen van beslissingen over een gedragslijn, de wil van de meerderheid van de bevolking te accepteren.
publiek: de mensen zijn echter niet het publiek, maar zijn er woonachtig en behoren toe - een inwoner en kiezer van het openbare forum.
publiciteit: in echte democratie krijgt de pluraliteit van meningen de nodige publiciteit; de populaire mening overheerst, maar het is niet de enige mening van het publiek

Please read and follow Rules #5 and #6.

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  1. popular: Linking Park was a very popular Rock group when I was a teenager.
  2. population: The entire population of Japan was affected by the nuclear attack during the world war.
  3. Public: Children should never be left alone in public places.
  4. publicity: The more money the companies spend on publicity, the faster they grow.

Please read Rule #5.

  1. The people, places, and things that are viewed as popular typically have a positive connotation associated with them.

  2. Populations of people, large or small, global or local, give those in the above sentence their popularity.

  3. While some groups in the first sentence, such as living athletes, vacation spots, and companies, are tangible to the public, other groups, such as deceased celebrities, Bitcoin, and the continent of Atlantis, are intangible to the public.

  4. Publicity around those in the first sentence can be positive or negative, and that publicity helps to build or break the popularity of the groups in the first sentence.

Please read Rule #5.

In the past 10 years paper money is more popular than cryptocurrency.
The population in the world has been increasing for 10000 years.
This park beside my house is a public place.
MY company always has a good publicty.

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