Vocab-ability–165 (optim = best) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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  1. Optimize
    Since finding #vocab-ability by @majes.tytyty, I've optimized my time on SteemIt by practicing sentence writing.

  2. Optimism
    Some people are optimists, some are pessimists but, all the groovy kats are dudeists.

  3. Optimist
    I'd rather be an optimist, than a nihilist; hope is better than nothing.

  4. Optimal
    I'll grant, hope isn't optimal; after all, blind hope is delusion.

Good work!


  1. I need to optimize my efforts to see good result.

  2. Optimism is always inspiring and uplifiting .

  3. Be optimistic about your future to avoid depression.

  4. Optimal condtions are required to show one's potential.

Good work!


  1. Optimize:
    I really had to optimize the use of my chemistry textbook if I really had to make an "A" in the exam.
  2. Optimism:
    We cannot loose optimism if we want to always have best results in the future.
  3. Optimist:
    I on many cases consider myself an optimist whenever I look at how far my work life has gone.
  4. Optimal:
    I found selling text books and novels optimal during my stay in Berlin.

Good work!


  1. Optimist.
    Her passion in doing research made her an optimist in deciding and choosing a career as a scientist.

  2. Optimize.
    She needs to apply her knowledge as well as learning and adapting new ones to optimize all the skills required to be in that profession.

  3. Optimism.
    Her optimism relies on her expertise, developing, and learning different ways to solve complex problems.

  4. Optimal.
    She needs to gather samples and conduct hypothesis to obtain an optimal result that will prove her theory.

Good work!


  1. Optimize the use of materials in the industry, provides the best and eco-friendly result.
  2. The excess of optimism can often be detrimental to the understanding of reality.
  3. Even so, I continue to be optimal, and I know that one day the problems in my country will end.
  4. Decisions well-founded, could create the optimal solution to many social problems.

Good work!


  1. Optimize: I've to optimize my time to work, study and take care of my family.
  2. Optimism: I think optimism is the key to personal and professional success.
  3. Optimist: A very popular phrase that I like is "The optimist always has a project in mind; the pessimist, an excuse".
  4. Optimal: The conditions weren't optimal, but Katy gave birth without complications.

Good work!

Nice quote. I'd never heard it before.


  1. Optimize:
    How could I better optimize my homeless position?

  2. Optimism:
    I had so much optimism when I gave the con-artist my money that I missed the red flags.

  3. Optimist:
    The optimist is a person who will deny that anything bad will happen when the evidence points to the facts that the world is falling apart due to what humans have been doing to it for the last one hundred and fifty years.

  4. Optimal:
    The optimal way to run a country would first be to kick out the people consumed by their greed.

Good work!

I'm still an optimist, even though I am certain that the current world is fucked. Is that possible?

As for #4 ... YEAH!


  1. Use the Metro to optimize your commute to work.
  2. The community that was ravaged by the natural disaster was filled with optimism when they saw the red cross trucks arrive.
  3. My pastor is an optimist about there being a place for me in heaven.
  4. Use cruise control for optimal miles per gallon on long trips.

Good work!


  1. My father bought a 48" riding mower to optimize his time when he mows the yard.

  2. Ricky always tells me you have to believe in the power of thinking with optimism when you are in a rough patch.

  3. Charity organizations like to hire optimists to work with their clients because they impart a sense that everything will be ok.

  4. The optimal way to pluck a chicken of it's feathers is to dunk it in scalding hot water first, it makes the feathers easier to pull.

Good work!

My Vocab Practice:

  1. In order to optimize high-throughput analysis reactions in sub-micromolar conventrations, many consecutive trials are required.

  2. Optimism can be seen as a defence mechanism ones brain deploys in order to reduce stress.

  3. It is frequently implied that to be an optimist is to be devoided of reasoned thinking.

  4. When culturing a strain of bacteria one ought to employ an optimal temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration on the top of providing sufficieny growth medium.

Good work!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

My Vocab Practice:

  • Optimize: - In crisis period, leaders needs to optimize the resources.
  • Optimism: - Live your life with optimism, believe me, i'ts gonna change your life.
  • Optimist: - You know this "The middle" tv show? Sue Heck is a very optimist character, isn't she?
  • Optimal: You have to work out a lot before a big game, get your body to the optimal conditions to play.

Good work!


  1. The Youths were encouraged to optimize the free skill acquisition to give themselves a better future.

  2. The factory workers were congratulated for being in their optimal behavior during the visit of the monitoring team.

  3. It's very difficult to dissuade an optimist from venturing into something he believes in.

  4. The optimism of the coach in winning the game made the players train harder.

Good work!


  1. one should make optimize use of the scarce resources of the nature
  2. 90 percent of the people are optimisim
  3. She is an optimist an idealist
  4. there is an optimal distribution that the program can be achieved

Good work!


  1. People still have optimism to make the world greener, pollution free where everyone can live a healthy life.

  2. Being a realistic optimist, I believe I can try making good contents which will end up getting more upvotes in steemit.

  3. We have not been able to do the optimal use of the natural resources available in our country.

  4. One of the best ways to optimize your website is by inserting effective keywords in search engines like Google.


Good work!


  1. We have to optimize majes daily contest to grow our SP.

  2. The optimism of Vivian compelled the other group members to take their roles seriously.

  3. The machine was performing at optimal level when I left the factory yesterday

  4. Optimists always look at the bright side of a situation.

Good work!


  1. We need to optimize our use of the existing technology.
  2. They ended the discussion on a note of optimism.
  3. To an optimist every change is a change for the better.
  4. The individual's optimal strategy under such consideration has a reservation wage property.

Good work!


Everybody can be called an economist because every one optimize at some point in life.
I always have the optimism that i will make it.
My lecturer is an optimist
The optimal point in life is relaxation

Good work!

I'm working towards the optimal point of life.


Language Teachers should optimize their students learning opportunities.

Optimism must be present in every classroom.

Though Venezuela faces a huge crisis I am optimist about the whole situation.

Crises place the wise in Optimal places and positions!

Please number your sentences, as stated in the above RULES.


  1. I optimize the gifs I make to make the file size smaller.

  2. He meditates to maintain his optimism.

  3. I'm not very optimistic about getting any exposure for steemit posts.

  4. Optimally, a steemit user would leverage large followings from other platforms to gain exposure.

Good work!


  1. Optimize
    I tried to optimize the sound of the game so it won't be too loud during the stream.
  2. Optimism
    The optimism is a good thing in such a cruel world. It's strength not illustration.
  3. Optimist
    Even though I'm not an optimist person, I do like to give advices and help my friends with good thoughts.
  4. Optimal
    Being in an optimal condition after the car accident, is more than what the doctors thought.

Good work!

She acts like an optimize.
Optimism is always inspiring.
My principal is optimist to my work.
I have optimal ideas about your work.

Good work!

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I don't understand what you are trying to say.


  1. Optimize
    I've been told recently to optimize my time online by blogging on Steemit.

  2. Optimism
    I expressed optimism at the new government policy on small business owners.

  3. Optimistic
    I just did a job interview and I'm optimistic that I'll get the job.

  4. Optimal
    We needed to carry out more research in order to achieve optimal results.