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I never thought to return to the past, back to my ex, and love a second time.
I said: "Do not love the old man, do not love the second time." And I also said: "The old man should look back, do not get back."
In the long run, they both took a hand and fell in love with another, touching each other like strangers and then coming back after days of storms.
"Why can I come back together?"
I thought for a long time, and then understood that perhaps because he was not a young guy that year, brought in the heart of conquering many things in this life. I am no longer the girl that year, no longer bears love not understand the old days. Time passes, we are different. I'm not you, I'm not me.
Finally I understand, going back to the past is never wrong, but if you go back to the past with the attitude, emotion, the same person in the past, do not. Because the outcome will remain the same.

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