New internet is faster than old one!

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Hello Vietnamese community!

I wasn't writing on Steemit for awhile. It happened because I was busy to move to my new house. I wanted to buy faster internet for new house. So I went to few companies to see their offer about fast internet. There is fiber internet in my country and I was using it for few years. It's fast but, it wasn't enough for me. It was 24 mbps before, my new internet is 50 mbps. I know if you see this in future, you will say 50 mbps is so slow, but it's kinda fast in these conditions.

Here's results from Speedtest when I tried it first time (using WiFi, not LAN internet):

I will try to find time for writing on Steemit again, but I have lots of things to handle for this new house.

I tried to send some upvotes, but I can't follow all of you in that time. You can comment below if you want me to read an article.

I hope to see you again soon!


whoop whoop!
Better internet is cool man.
Congratulations for the new house!

Thank you so much. Internet speed is really important for me :)

Good luck with your new house

Thank you so much!