Late season of cherry blossom in Seoul, Korea 🍃🍃🍃

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The arrival of cherry blossom announces the beginning of spring. Whenever we think of cherry blossom, Japan is a word that comes out definitely.

I saw a lot of videos about season of cherish blossom in Japan and really impressed. The video of ton of blossom was blooming and falling down with the wind really made me desired to admire this kind of blossom with my own eyes.


And finally I had an opportunity to see it. Not in Japan but Korea. I realized that cherry blossom is not just beautiful in “The land of rising sun” but also so gorgeous in Soul, Korea.

I took these photos when I was in the street nearby Han River. My friends brought me there to admire cherry blossom in late season. The streets along the edge of Han River were lined with cherry trees, the blossom was blooming last time, the trees were in full of blossom and ready to fall down as soon as wind came.


Cherry blossom painted a picture of Seoul with both modern and peaceful beauty.

The scene made from the beauty of cherry blossom was so gorgeous that I kept looking at it and could not turn my eyes away.

By: @hanggggbeeee

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Đây là hoa anh đào ah??:)))


Chuẩn cmnl

Giờ đang là mùa hoa anh đào nhìn đẹp quá hai hàng cây luôn. Hjhj


Cuối mùa rồi a. Lúc e sang là sắp hết rồi

Nhìn như o nhật bản ý chị


Ừ. Không khác gì nhật luôn :))

nhìn thật mãn nhãn

nhìn nó vừa đẹp vừa sạch, trong lành quá c ơi


Ngta ở đây sống thích lắm. Huhu

Please go to SM hhahaa


People keep asking me to go YG and SM. I dont know what for. Hahaha


haha because of my idol hahaa

Your post makes me miss Korea and my friends. Lived in Korea for 2 years


Really? What did you do here for 2 years?


Had been there for a course :)

Cherry blossom at my school

my school.jpg

I hope to visit Japan once cherry blossom!


Or korea as well. Full of cherry blossom

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