Don’t take your love-ones for granted : Vlog #65 : A trip to NYC

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I traveled to NYC this past weekend to visit some love-ones. We take famiy for granted, well most people I know. I myself am very guilty of not reaching out to, and showing gratitude to the ones I love, for being a part of my life. 

Life is too short, and for some, it comes to an end way sooner than expected. Think of how many friends and family members you have. Now think about how often you reach-out to them, or the last time you expressed your love to them. 

Before you receive a tragic, and heart breaking phone call. Reach-out before it happens. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in over a month and say “hi”, and if it’s someone you genuinely love, tell them how you feel. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. 

Normally my vlogs are fun and sometimes funny, discretion; this is one is a bit more serious. I hope you still appreciate the video. 

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Stay blessed

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Certainly what you say, the time that we dedicate to the family must become something primordial. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection. Stay Successful

Thank you for taking the time out to check it out. I appreciate you for that. Stay blessed

Brother I also visit India gate but missed someone very much on this weakened.

Call them. Tell them you miss them and love them.

Hospitals are mostly a serious thing, the battle between life and death. Strongs to you guys.

Great words, @youngogmarqs... Love our family and protecting it and take it as an absolute priority is not only a choice but a effective survival strategy in the Venezuela' crisis... That is an importante lesson that I hope that not only the venezuelan people but everybody will learn...

Of course, I'll follow you

Amen. I Appreciate you

first is most important our family .but one thing is faith.

Amen. Thank you.

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Enjoyed NYC with my family recently

True. Family is important and we ought not take them for granted. Family plays an important role in our lives and if we check successful people out there today, in most cases, their success is usually traced to their roots--family. Interesting post @youngogmarqs.

You have a pleasing appearance anyway.

Thank you, I appreicate you, glad you like the post

You're most welcome sir

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I appreciate your support, thank you. Upvoted

Thank you, I apreciate the support. Glad u like the post.

I think this is nice vlog brother, It's real, but I'm a youtuber failed hihihi

saluda amigo muchas beses les damos larga y cuando nos damos cuentas el tiempo pasa volando y tiene que suceder algo para poder salir, gracias amigo por su apoyo en mis post

💯 gracias a ti

Gratitude for those we have and what we have is a primary thing in order to be aware of anything else too. Never enough to be reminded. :)