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In Judaism, the day of rest is Saturday, not Sunday. The story goes that God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. Saturday is supposed to be the 7th day. It's also called Shabbat.

Except the way they do it here is that it starts from dusk on Friday and goes until dusk on Saturday. This is how all the holidays start as well.ac

In Israel, the way it works is that everything is pretty much closed on Shabbat. In a more secular city like Tel Aviv, you have a lot of stuff that stays open because the people here are godless heathens. Restaurants, bars, convenience stores... there's too much money floating around for people to close their doors.

I always found that to be interesting about Judaism. I mean, here you have such a small group of people that are disproportionately wealthy and successful, and many of them refuse to work on what is arguably the biggest day of the week for sales.

Not only that, but the rules for Shabbat include anything that could be construed as "work." You're not allowed to use fire or its modern day equivalent, so forget about your cell phone, computer, driving a car... basically anything that uses electricity.

So obviously I don't do any of that shit, but when the country shuts down for 24 hours you kind of don't have a choice. And when I used to live here before, I never ever ever went to Shabbat dinners or synagogue. But the people I roll with these days do those things, and now I find myself tagging along for the ride.

I feel like most people haven't even met a Jew unless they live in a big city or something. There's a lot of memes thrown around out there about how Jews control the world etc etc and I feel that's the impression that most people have.

Honest question because I'm actually curious: do any of you actually know any Jewish people? What about Israelis? Let me know in a comment!

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“God created the heavens and earth and saw that it was good..” He writes his own reviews and apparently sets his own vacation days! Pretty nice gig to have!

I once played the Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch on my Cello and this is usually sung by the Cantor. It brought tears to many eyes. It wasn’t Yom KIppur...but I was pretty sure that the teary ones were Jewish because they had the deep understanding.

Most classical musicians are either Jewish, Russian or Asian. What does that tell ya? A group with discipline and ambition!


Really @haejin? REALLY!?!

So now, not only do I have to admit that I like @yallapapi, I have to admit that I like YOU...

You are my intellectual nemesis...but now you’ve said a beautiful thing and forced me to like you.

What a weird day.

Im a "crypto-jew" (naw just kiddin 😁 ). But for me it makes more sense to kind of stay at home and chill on Saturdays... Saturdays have a crazy energy a lot of bad (and drunken regrettable) things happen on Saturday nights, better to stay inside and chill maybe...

Some people say its a planetary thing,


I don't really know, how is it compulsory for every Jew to be from Israel? I mean I've met a Lebanese and he said he's Jew

Shabbat shalom, as a Christian (Seventh-day Adventist) I also know to appreciate this day. :)

I have wanted to visit Israel for a really long time. My family is from Syria and Lebanon so travelling to Israel is kind of...yeah. I'm just worried that travelling to Israel will negatively affect my ability to enter Syria/Lebanon in the future which is not what I want to happen.

Btw, I met 2 Jewish/Israeli women in Canada when I was taking a TESOL course. Prior to that though, I never really knew any Jewish people. You guys are a small bunch.


Normally when you go to Israel they don't stamp your passport, they just give you a little sticker that you can throw away for that exact reason.

We are a small bunch but if you know where to look it's pretty impossible to get away with us.


That's good to know, man. Thanks

Hiooooosh achi,

עברי אנכי

Matzhik sh’kshe’ani kotev bivrit kol echad y’chol lehavin (im metargem shel google), aval kshe’ani kotev et zeh Ben-Tzion Ben-Yehudah Ivrit (eyze tiruf), ze k’mo safa sodit...oolai. (האנטישמים יגידו קונספירציה)

שנה טובה ומתקה and I ask for your mechila for saying unkind things to you in the past.


hakol tov papi. shana tova