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New Zealands Best Pie we found in Taupo in the South Island of New Zealand. Was it really the best pie? Check out the video :)
Waste your life & Join the Adventure!


We are Mat & Sophie. A Kiwi & a German!
Life enthusiasts. Freedom Seekers. Backpackers.
Living a free, simple & pure life.
We have been traveling the world for more than 3 Years now.
We want to find excitement in everyday by doing what we love.
To some we are wasting our lives by traveling instead of focusing on a career or doing the norm.
But we proudly embrace the title 'Life Waster' and we want to share our story with all the other Life Wasters out there!
As long as we can find a solid connection we will be posting daily vlogs.
Big plans are ahead of us so join the journey and follow us as we take on the globe.
Subscribe and dont miss a thing.
Mat & Sophie
PS: If a chocolate producer would like to sponsor us, please contact us.

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Beautiful photos and great post

Thank you soo much

🎉 Congrats 🍾

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It is a success, you truly deserved. It is an achievement you have truly earned. Well Done.

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You have to try Bosnian pies
They are the best :D

Yes i am keen to try that.
Whats in a traditional Bosnian pie?

nice hehe :)

:) thank you

I am very happy to read your post, because I also have the same desire with you, that is around the world, but before that I must finish my school first. I will wait for your next post

Thank you @wakyus well after school you habe all the time you want.
Will post soon so keep an eye open for it :)

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