Cricket bat signed by Imran Khan

in vlog •  2 years ago 

In my one of the previous posts, I have talked about I went in a meeting with the director of education, world bank.

Here is the vlog which I uploaded on Youtube.

It is my second Vlog and so far I have received a very good response from my friends and family. I haven't edited vlogs before so I am kinda noob when it comes to editing.

You can check my editing and content too critical analysis is welcomed.

I am also planning to buy a camera for that. I am stuck between Canon g7x mark II and Sony a6000. Any suggestions on that?

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good post :) @suf1an

Thank you khuhbakht

you are always welcome :)

welcome to this beautiful family follow upvote and resteem... steem rocks.

Thanks man, it means a lot