Re-Charge Your Batteries

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Just like your phone, laptop, or your tablet you should re-charge your batteries. Work, stress, relationships, money issues, or whatever need your attention will cause you to drain your energy. You may not be your optimal self. You should recharge. Some work out, some meditate, or just a nap can recharge your batteries. Spa day or beach bumming is always great.

I love to re-charge by hanging out with my family & friends. And of course walking my dogs. Hahaha.

Tell me how you recharge. I would love to learn new ways to relax. Thank you for reading & watching. Have an amazing night.

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Nice! Looks like a great evening! Since you asked... Here is how @enak and I recharged our batteries this morning:


Man, that is awesome. Conditions look sick Bro. What a way to recharge. Start the day. Thanks @scottshots I'm your biggest fan.

Thank you @steemcafe! I'm a fan of your's as well. Yesterday was great but getting the batteries drained by real estate shoots today... Have a good one!

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It's so important to recharge. I'm an introvert so friends and family time can be lovely but it's draining not recharging.

I recharge by starting my day with time for myself. I try to follow the miracle morning process. That includes: silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, and scribing. This is time just for me and it sets my day up right.

Naps also help when I can catch one.

Thanks for bringing this up. It's important we recharge so that we don't burn out. I've been close to that point and it can be scary. Especially when there are people who depend on you.

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Thank you for watching & sharing your feelings and thoughts. I have a feeling we will do some great projects together.

I’m looking forward to it. 😀

In addition to joining my family and friends, I went to my little garden to find out what had been produced. The battery will be fully charged if I see my garden gives the result I want.


@andestra AWESOME!!!! Being with family and friends is fantastic. Love gardens. It is something to see what you plant and watch it grow. Thank you for watching. Good luck with the plants. Bless you and your family. Have a wonderful day.

Love the positive vibes steemcafe. Sometimes you do need a re charge a bit life is stressful.

Thank you @gray00 Life has it's ups and downs. Sometimes even when things are "normal" you need to take a step back and take a deep breath. Unwind or decompress. Best of fortunes on Steem.

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Absolutely correct my friend!

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