Stop Over Thinking: Start Posting

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Hi Everyone. Another gorgoues day here in Henderson/ Las Vegas. It is sunny, 91 degrees, slight breeze, & no clouds in the sky.

Big shout out to Chris @reseller for giving me this killer DTube lid. Go visit him at He has an awesome channel. The Steemit Minute is a much watch everyday.

I have definitely fallen into this category. Been a victim of THINKING to MUCH. Which has led me to not post. Have to so many friends about Steem, they sign up, they get approved, & they don’t. The excuses are something to the effect of: I need a better computer, I need better clothes, I need a haircut, I don’t want to half ass it, the weather is bad. The list goes on and on. And they never post or they post very very infrequently.

Stop it. Just post. Paralysis by over analysis. Sure you have heard that before. We can to achieve perfection but we can strive for it. Sometimes on our quest of trying to get to nirvana we end up doing nothing. Just post.

We can get better from each and every post. Practice makes perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Steem has just started no one expect a amazing from all the different creators. Just post. We can learn from our post. See what works and adjust for the next post.

Consistency is key in Steem. If you post frequently and very little you will never gain the momentum & success that a great deal of Steem wish to achieve.

Has this ever happen to you? Tell me about. Love to hear your story. Tell me how you overcome this obstacle. What helps you? I want to learn. Who knows by sharing you might help others or me who have been in the same situation. Thank you. Have an amazing wonderful joyful weekend.

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I guess some people spend hours to write one post. I think I normally spend about 5 or 10 minutes on mine.

I happen to fall into the category of the infrequent posters,an habit i am working on correcting.

This is so real. Definitely the biggest killer in any project or venture I try to start. Paralysis by over analysis. It's just a way to procrastinate. It's an excuse for not taking action.*

Golden words my friend. Sometimes we all are just overthinking. That's why some people come up with the golden 5sec rule. Stop thinking, just start doing it. You will learn a lot this way. On my channel, you will find video from 3weeks ago, it explains a lot as well.

I think what you mean is you think TOO much. That many of us, including myself, are thinking TOO much. Yes, you are right. I have also taken a long time to write a post. I need to fasten the writing process. Anyway, this is a great reminder. Thanks,

This post just got me inspired.... Thank you

This is so true @steemcafe. I've seen my results get better from being consistent in my postings. Excellent post by a fellow #steemcreator @steemcreators

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Got me to do my first post lol!

Another great video @steemcafe. They say "practice makes perfect." I disagree with that statement. Practice doesn't make you perfect but it does make you better. I also agree with people just getting on here and giving it a shot. I never did a formal interview before I was on your show. Did that stop me?? NO! I did it and it came out pretty well in the end (Thanks to you of course). Keep them coming I.J.

This is so real. Definitely the biggest killer in any project or venture I try to start. Over analysis by over paralysis. It's just excuses for not taking action.

Exactly. Folks put too much pressure on themselves over content. It doesn't have to be perfect at your first try. Good is okay for a start, improve from there

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