@steemcafe 1 on 1 @Katrina-Ariel Part 1

in vlog •  5 months ago

@steemcafe 1 on 1 w/ @katrina-ariel

Hi Everyone. We have @katrina-ariel on @steemcafe 1 on 1. Katrina is awesome creative person. She is writer, singer, and an incredible performer.

Fun to talk & cool to hang out with. We need more artists like her on Steem. She loves to share her creative side to the world. She also finds using Steem platform very fulfilling for her soul. Enjoy.

Thank you everyone for your support. You all helped make this possible. Have a wonderful & productive week.

Thank you.

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@ogc #mypic @joepate47 @larrymorrison @scottshots shout out!

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Hey @steemcafe I'm not sure what is going on with your videos,, but all the latest videos you have posted are only audio for me. Like, it is stuck on the thumbnail. Have you changed how you upload videos since you went to Russia,. I noticed this only started then. great interview as alwaysm follow you now @katrina-Ariel


Thanks for the follow, @zainenn! Returned. Steem on! ;)


hahaha yes things back to normal when hit State sides
thank bro let's talk on discord hit me up plz


Been hit.

This was such a fun interview—both times we did it. lol! I really enjoyed talking with you in Tennessee, and again during this interview. Love the positive energy and the way you guide the conversation organically. Glad to know you, @steemcafe!

both of them are wonderfully spectacular! i congratulate them both! they always maintain a very positive energy! i love to watch all these publications!

Great publication both make a good team they feel the good vibes, they look fantastic

She is awesome man, glad you got to meet her!