Vlogging Class # 2 W/ @sirlunchthehost. "What to do when you get flagged Edition" + HW and Mini Vlog update. DON"T WORRY BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF FLAG

in #vlog2 years ago

2 Weeks late to vlogging class? Wat kinda teacher is that?

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only one?
he been hitting me constantly for months and you know it.
none of you all will talk about it.

The talking about it will begin soon..mysterious cloud

will be looking out for it.

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You never said why he flagged you. lol Did he accuse you of wearing whiteface? lol

Hahah, nobody but bernie will know.

Love and respect inbound brother #REST💯

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What if I pull the blackface? lol... you asked for it cuz! hahaha... If i get flagged do I winz?

Ohh ma shnappies hahaa, please tell me that wasn't irishness !!