Morning Flash Vlog: Don't get discouraged about Bidbots & BTC Prices! FREE BTC Giveaway for Watching todays Vlog! Details below!

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Wassup everyone, @sirlunchthehost here and I've decided to lead the charge in a grey area! I know some of us aren't feeling the crypto space as much due to certain factors & I get it, but don't let that get you down. There are still ways for you to earn Crypto and make even just a tiny bit for the future. I made todays vlog to give people inspiration to keep going!

I've decided to do what most vloggers aren't doing and give away BTC in efforts to help ease some of the pain!

I will start off by doing this once a week, unless it picks up then Ill try and do it once a day per video Monday - Friday!

During a time when everyone is trying to earn, I'm going to be giving away. All you gotta do is Watch The video, Follow me on STEEMIT & Subscribe to my Youtube + Comment down below & Resteem. Thats right! Easy as squeezing lemons. I'll be checking on those resteems!

Ways to Earn a bit more on what your doing

1)Use @dlive or @dtube and see if you can catch a upvote.
2)Reach out to some whales and see if they like your content and ask for an upvote.
3)Reach out to more and more Steemians to support your content!
4)Ask people to use Bidbots on your behalf, Idk..Pool some people together and see if they are willing to throw in a little bit of SBD or Steem together to help promote you.

Heres all the links and Details you need to get into the Giveaway

Follow my Youtube Channel. Leave a Thumbs up and Comment. Click on the Videos Tab to find the vlog!

Follow me on Steemit @sirlunchthehost

Resteem, upvote if you support todays video and comment on the Post. (Commenting on Steemit and Youtube increases your chances of winning!) Looking for interesting,Funny, or super real true Comments!

Hopefully this will gain some traction! If not we will just keep at it.

All Winners will be announced during the next video!

Todays Music

Produced by @sirlunchthehost
Song: Missing that one.

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Good stuff my man. So good in fact I'm Following you and most IMPT putting you on my world famous Manuel Curation Trail. ( Okay it may not be world famous....yet lol)

Upvoting and Following Rabbit.gif


Thanks I appreciate it @robertandrew! One day it will be world famous, just keep at it!

I could give an awesome comment, but in all honestly I’m just jumping up and down because I’ve finally seen the handsome face that belongs to the awesome radio voice of my blockchain fiance :’)


<3 Walrus has pointed out to me today that i might have gotten a bit chubbier? lol but its good to know you think im handsome <3 And I rate this an awesome comment!!!!



Cheeks grow from happiness ;-)

nice way of getting some engagement going... good to know you don't text and drive.. just video and drive :)


LOL, video and driving is waaaaaay safer than texting and driving. Thanks for the support @shadowspub really means a bunch. nods The next pimping post is Saturday right? ( Do correct me if im wrong )


the next Witness Chat is tomorrow at 11am EDT / 3pm UTC.. the next Pimp Your Post Thursday will be on Thursday at 11am or 7pm EDT

Upvoted and Reblogged.
Hey when does cryptostruggle start? It still contains 0 posts.


I think i will start posting these videos on the @cryptostruggle account fairly soon. Hmmm, maybe i should have said something about that account this time around lol.smacks self in the head

Followed already! Watched, commented and subscribed to your YouTube channel, commented and resteemed and obviously sent you some DC love 😍

Cheers for the inspiration my friend! Let's have a Bourbon 🥃 later on the Cast?
Big DC love and Choons
♥ 🎼👬


I got my whiskey ready for the Cast today! Its gona be a blast.

I like this idea, I have been trying to do some contests but haven't been going to well....WHOMP WHOM WHOMP lol. i will keep posting too!

Reblogged, Followed, Subscribed, and Commented!!!


I appreciate the support! its hard these days to get things going, I told myself even if this has a slow start, not gona give up! Heres to giving back to the community with confidence!

Great to see someone positively jumping onto a downing market, (yes on youtube my nickname is Snoeteke).


Great stuff! Thanks for the support, I figured its best to give some BTC away during a down market, bring some peoples hopes and feelings back up!


I really hope it will work out ... if more people were able for doing this it really could be a pump for the market I think.

Resteemed, Followed, Subscribed, and Commented🤑🤑🤑🤑


<3! Thanks @bluehearted I appreciate the support on this. I want to be able to do it Weekly or everyday mon - fri. We will see how it goes huh?


Yeah we will🙃🙃

I used Bitcoin buying hosting same . thanks for sharing this post


Thanks for checking out the content!

Does your husband know that you're giving out all this Bitcoin, Madam Lunchbox Rosa? Half of it is her's you know....


Hahaha! Good one. and Shhhh she doesn't know LOL


Gotta be careful or she'll divorce your ass and you'll miss out on half her stash of sweet PB tokens.




He knows it ALL. And if he doesn’t, the blockchain does :’)


@jphenderson!!! you are back on steemit??? great to see you...

I gotta start a crypto blog sometime this week. Keep on with the keep on. The crypto market is starting to make some small movements don't be surprised with the come up.


The come up is the best up! Thanks for supporting!

Subscribed to your channel buddy 👍


Big thanks & i appreciate the support.

Raekwon from Wu-Tang is SirLunch TheHost??? Illuminati confirmed!!!!! Excellent video bro :-)

It can be worth using eSteem too as they will vote up some posts. You don't even have to use their tags as the post metadata says what app posted it.

Are many people buying votes for others? I've not noticed that so far. It is tempting to do that to boost some worthy posts.


I agree, I mean if people are smart they will try and get some free BTC here, turn it into Steem or SBD and then use that to pay bidbot owners to get their content seen? Idk maybe lol. Thanks for leaving a comment.

I think bidbots are naturally going to go the way of the dinosaurs when SMTs drop. Perhaps all of the vote selling people will have to start delegating to DAPPs to get a good ROI. I dunno, I can't predict the future man, all I can do is manifest the present.
turns self into a pickle


I can't predict the future man, all I can do is manifest the present turns self into a pickle #greatest qoute lol

This is awesome of you! I have been trying to give back through different contests and giveaways as well during this time to keep people motivated during this long dip. Great advice that people need to keep posting. This is the time to earn Steem and SP and power up because once the value goes back up, everyone that kept at it and didn't walk away from the platform while the value was down will be that much more ahead of those that took a break. People need to look at this as long term and not a short term game.

Keep posting and keep earning. Thanks for supporting the community!


Thanks for everything you do as well @derangedvisions! And thanks for supporting todays video, more to come. Now the decision has to be made if I will use @dtube or @dlive. Head Explodes


I have been using @dtube for vlog videos like this or prerecorded videos. I have found that @dlive is more of a video game streaming platform and most other content unfortunately is ignored.

Thank you @sirlunchthehost for sharing your insight & knowledge, also for stopping by Friday <3

Little sad.. still believe in Steem? I don't.