Failed Car Vlog #3: Lets talk Arbitrage Trading & Earning during a Bear Market. The 3 C's to earning on Steemit + Is the Crypto Space Truly Decentralized?

in vlog •  7 months ago

Today we are going to talk about 3 things!

How to make money during a Bear Market.


The 3 C's to earning on Steemit.


Is the Blockchain/Crypto truly decentralized or is it getting there?



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Had some troubls using DLive, but trying it again for tomorrows Vlog! + New Episode of Rick & Morty Save Steemit coming soon.

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Can you say arbitrage trading 10 times in a row? 😅

The prices vary on exchanges because they depend on the volume. It's easy to move (manipulate) prices on low volume exchanges vs high volume ones.


lol, I can't even say it 3 times in a row. On a side note I think there should be arbitrage classes so everyone can learn on how to earn even a little bit of crypto during a Bear Market.