🌇Behind the Scenes Of the STEEMIT Documentary. Travel Vlog #004🌇: "Getting free stuff because im a vlogger is awesome! + we found soap that smells like @craig-grant & we got a handscrub?.!" Resteem and upvote!

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Travel Vlog #4

Takes a deep breath
SOAP! SOAP SOAP! Some of the Best soap ive seen! Shout out to Nectar for showing me love and gifting me some goodies in the process. So I guess being a famous steemian vlogger has it perks! LIke what you ask? FREE SOAP AND SCRUBS!!! As always I love all of you! I will be doing something very special soon so stay tuned!

shout out to @rondonson for the cross vlog!

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You do very good videos, i hope you will become famous one day! :)


If I become famous, steemit becomes famous. nods

This is the road to become famous eheh


I hope so.

Thanks for this information as it very informative and really nice reading through. Hope to be famous too. Thanks.

Lol, this really made me smile. Time to go buy more soap :)
Thanks for posting!


Theres always a time when soap buying is okay lol

Pastry soap, looks good and smells good

Dude those types of exfoliating scrubs make your hands feel and smell so freakin good. I'm actually jealous right now lmao. My ex girlfriend used to work at a place similar to that. I used to get all the scrubbin you could ever imagine lol.. fun video man ! Enjoy the rest of your trip :)


Much love and thank you for the support!

This is awesome!! Can't wait to see more 🔥👌🏻

Soaped up! lol. epic as always bows


epic be da name bows


bows Thanks a bunch.

Nice post. Resteemed upvoted

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

Get the lemon stuff! dont be a poser!


tries not to be a poser but the lemon was fake!!!


oh shit but it was real fake!


How awesome and precious post it is! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous thought. @rondonson. Dear sir, I upvoted you and followed you liking your valuable expression. Would you plz upvote and follow me?

That was very funny! Keep them coming!


thumbs up Will do, thank you for the support!

I need Scrub because i have acne on my face .. lol


Just use a laser gun blaster 5000 for acne. Its what I did!

hahahah ,maybe, @sarahbiz

Way cool... congrats! Followed you. Hope to see more of your posts!

great vlog brother , those soap part was funny , smelling .... LOL , and your music at the end of the video was so amazing


Many thanks!


Hey Sirlunch, I watched your youtube going through the casino... haven't met up with you online.. but I liked the video a lot.

Keep your steem as much as you can... I wrote a post tonight that's gonna go viral this week... I think... It's already up there. The writing is on the wall. 2018 is going to be the best year yet... I have proof.. :)

...and if my post wasn't already as long as I could have mentioned you too.. but I ran out of space. I'll do one on your documentary though.

I feel like I am standing in front of God, I will repay their sins

Nice one bro

this is awesome @sirlunchthehost, i can't wait to build up some steem and roll out to vegas!

Great post with lots of information. Thank you for sharing.

perks of blogger! vlogger! congrats dude!

thanks for sharing!! its so encouraging to see you do your thing man. as someone in an area where almost no one knows about steemit, its rad finding so many active and diverse users all over. who knew id end up on a post about soap lmao

Nice post sir❤❤❤

Iam new on steemit plzzz everybody support me

Se ve chevere.. bien por ti.


New hands like Rick James.....lol
images (22).jpg



@sirlunchthehost AFTER

download (20).jpg


Ummm i can smell it from here. Thanks!

God, I'm addicted to soap! "Bubble, bubble"...


You do very good videos, @azziz

Awesome video!

DUDE! You gotta show us how to get paid to vlog :)

Very good post! You deserve an upvote and resteem!

Are you Russell Wilson?

Help to collect 1 million for the travel with the likes xD


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Congratulations @sirlunchthehost!
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nice video

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haha next week you will be getting a full body scrub and seaweed mask! 😀

Very good video, something to check out when I travel there.

thanks for upvoted me. thanks a lot for supporting

Great post with lots of information. Thank you for sharing

Very Nice Post about Documentry.i like very much