Small Town July 4th Fun! USA's Independence Day

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Yesterday was a great day hanging out with family and friends at the Independence Day July 4th celebrations. Truckee, California is a small town near Lake Tahoe that knows how to have fun. The Donner Lake West End Beach party is always a blast, in this video I share some of the good times had here. I hope you had a great day yesterday if you were celebrating. (I hope you had a great day even if you weren't, haha!)

Thank you for looking, watching, and reading!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography

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Haha. That tag of war wasn't fair lol
That looks like it was so much fun, very colorful too. Love it! Hope you guys had a great time.

Haha! Yeah it was! The women almost had it at first! But yeah, that anchor dude on the end of the men's side did help lol. Glad you liked the vid @elsiekjay! It was a blast to be there.

I think the team at the right side does not comple their members, look it just three members. Lol!!!

You might be right for the teenager's tug-a-war... They didn't get a lot of girl competitors on the right side. But for the adult's turn, there were probably more women on the right! They wanted to win badly, and almost did at first. Cheers!

nice competion , watch very intersting vlog

Glad you like that! Yup, the competitions were a ton of fun. Cheers!

That looked like a really good time. Lots of things to do there eh? Looked like a good turn out. Cheers.

Yeah! Always nonstop fun there on the 4th! It was a great turn out, the event sells out every year. Cheers!

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