Thanks! Yeah we love Truckee! The locals are fun and the town is great.
This was kind of a difficult interview though. The first day it was super windy and didn't work out, then the second day it took us two plus hours to get 5 people to stop and talk. Most people (over 30 groups) didn't even slow down to say no. It seemed like a lot of people were tourists. it definitely was not the local crowd.

Yeah, I understand wind difficulties up here... So, you were indeed in the tourist trap part of town. I actually sell my prints out of a little bookstore that was behind you a bit, Word after Word. Probably would have had better luck finding locals at the grocery stores or coffee shops that are not in downtown. But great interviews, thanks for the fun!

Very cool! Next time we're in town we will definitely stop in Word after Word and check out your work! :)

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